News: Jem Godfrey *nearly* says Frost*

Started by JakeWorrell, May 27, 2011, 08:06:30 PM

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As a frosty aside: Trevor Rabin did the score for the film "Jack Frost".

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Has there been any tweetage about the forum?
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No, but he has mentioned the "F" word today.

Quote from: "On Twitter Jem"JemGodfrey  
I'm in love with McRorie.
If Frost* ever gig again, I want him supporting.
Hell, I might even ask him to join the band.
...but don't get all doesn't mean anything's happening.  :)
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yes :D
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New post on the blog today.

Mention of Band, not solo
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QuoteJem said: "I'm also mooching about with setlist ideas for the Frost gig. I fancy a bit of a change from the usual."
Sounds interesting although I'm not sure there is such a thing as a "usual" Frost* gig!  Of the 6 times I've seen the band, the setlist has only been the same twice - and that was only because I saw them twice in 3 days!  8-)
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