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Dream Theater 2011

Started by Mooncat, July 24, 2011, 12:49:22 PM

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pink skinny head

Just recieved my download,and all i can say is OH MY GOD.This album is awesome....very technical with loads of prog.Two tracks that will blow any prog lovers socks of are Breaking All Illusions...and Outcry which has one of most amazing prog instrumental breaks you,ll ever likely to hear.Those waiting to recieve their copy are in for a real treat.DT are well and truly back on form.


The thing that has bothered me the last few years is the darkness, it just got too dark, sad, angry sounding. Listen to I&W, it's some of the most uplifting music I've ever heard, even though it has lots of heavy and aggressive sounding parts. The same with Metropolis 2, that's probably my favourite album ever. The last two are very good, but nowhere near that level IMO.

These days it's popular to blame it all on Portnoy, but I do believe this change was needed to get them really excited again, and balance the metal and the prog/melodic style. Mangini blew my mind when I heard him with Steve Vai, and I'm super excited to hear him in DT.


Yep, having listened to it a couple of times now I think it's actually more prog-less metal. From some of this other projects it's clear that MP has a great interest in METAL, but I think this album sounds more balanced and therefore the metal tinged bits work better for the sparing way in whihc they are used.
I also think the production sounds much more melodic, with the drums occupying a more 'normal' place in the mix.
Overall I'm really pleased with it.
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LOL I read "More prog-less metal" to mean "additional metal without prog"!...what you went on to say made it clear.
I will look forward to getting this one.
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Just out of interest, which is the most accessible DT album to start on?...bearing in mind one prefers melody to vocal roaring!


Quote from: "Gman"Just out of interest, which is the most accessible DT album to start on?...bearing in mind one prefers melody to vocal roaring!
If you're looking for a melodic intro to DT, I'd try Falling Into Infinity.  I'm probably in a minority in really liking this album which the band themselves now think was too commercial as a result of record company pressure - ironic really as the next album (Scenes From A Memory) where they decided just to do their own thing sold far more! Images and Words is generally reckoned to be one of their best so I'd go for that next and then SFAM.  As a single piece, A Change of Seasons is my favourite - at 23 minutes long, it's also one of their most proggy!
Too early to make definitive comments on the new album yet - it's sounding pretty good so far and Mangini fits in fine.  Stand-out track at first play is Breaking All Illusions.  8-)
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Ithangue - will check em out in that order!

pink skinny head

Gman...also check out Octavarium which has two stunning tracks at the end,the title track in particular which is 23mins long and very proggy.Images &Words is also well worth checking out.But i will warn you,as i was told on the It Bites forum...Dream Theater are very adictive....enjoy mate.


I'd always recommend you start at the beginning. Images & Words » Awake » A Change of Seasons has to be one of the (if not The) best three successions in Prog Metal. After that it becomes questionable a matter of preference regarding Falling Into Infinity (which IMO has some sub-par songs) and then Scenes From A Memory which many consider to be on par or even better than their first releases featuring LaBrie.

IMO the new album parts with the "let's do this <hip band band name here> bit here and then go back to something there". Having Dream Theater sound like they're way too inspired by a current trend was awful.


I listened to the new DT album for the first time today. I was surprised, I found it a lot less 'wearing' than their more recent out put. Quite enjoyed it. nicely done.
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I may be a little late to this party, but I saw Dream Theater last Friday, and let me just say; it was BRILLIANT.

WOW.  I am still astounded, even after listening to them for all these years.  The musician schip was spectacular and it is definitely the best concert in terms of musicallity and techical ability I've ever seen.
The set list was:
Bridges in the Sky
These Walls
Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Endless Sacrifice
Drum Solo
The Ytse Jam
Wait for Sleep
Far from Heaven
On the Backs of Angels
Caught In A Web
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Breaking All Illusions
Pull Me Under

And I'll say it again. WOW. WOOOOW.  Amazing.