You/I Piano Score + Guitar TAB

Started by SerFox, November 24, 2008, 06:04:06 PM

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Welcome to Nowhere Acoustic part chords!!!!

This is during the, 'Caught in the process part'

E         Esus4  E    C9  C
Caught in       the process
CMaj7 E     Esus4  E     Cb5 C5
A      mass ab----err---ation
 etc except I can't figure out the chords during 'a new taste of nature' and the rest of this except for the C9. If anyone has any input please be my guest!  :D
G5         A        C9
Closing time for life

Chord diagrams:
E 022100
Esus4 022200
C9(no b7) x3203x
C x3201x
CMaj7 x3200x
Cb5(no 3) x34xxx
C5 x35xxx
G5 3x0033
A 022200
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But why not the bassoon, hell that's where the funs at! ;)  Who wants piano or guitar tabs, bassoon is a real man's instrument!
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