Frost* Christmas 2011 AGM - The Peel, Kingston. 16th Dec

Started by JakeWorrell, August 12, 2011, 09:58:43 AM

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PS - I wonder if now this is confirmed to be an actual physical gig it should be moved into the Gigs section of the forum? Pedders?
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Ticket booked - £12 each - poor old Twang knew what I wanted without me saying - "it's all anyone's talking about!"
He used the F* word as well - is that allowed?

Got my Dec Burke ticket while I was at it.....
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Well, I've got my tickets booked, no way I'm missing this!
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Tickets book for me and the missus also. Can. Not. Wait.
"The longer the note, the more dread."


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Quote from: "Pedro"We are in too...for Dec, Magenta and Frost*mas! :D

A Magenta Frost*mas this Declanber?

I'll get my coat...
"The longer the note, the more dread."


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Tickets duly bought. Or at least I talked to Twang (I expect) and said I wanted some, but because I'm based abroad, he said it would be best to order them via The Peel's email address for pick-up on the night. Done.

But since he said he would read that email tomorrow and set them aside, I'm worried that they'll all be gone by then, paid for over the phone tonight. He did give the feeling that they're going like hotcakes ...  :shock:

So, I'm putting this down as a marker: I sent my mail at 19:55 UK time on August 17, ok? I can't miss this ...


Am I late?

If I set off now, I'll be there on time.
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Am I being thick, cos I couldn't find any info on the Peel, or the House of Progression websites? In the end I called The Peel, and one very busy sounding barman (Twang had gone home - probably worn out from taking the calls!) directed me to fire off an email to reserve tickets. I'll know tomozza if I've been successful. Fingers, toes and other assorted anatomical items crossed!  :shock:


Of course, having posted it here, I then got phonecall after urgent job after phonecall so didn't get a chance to book a ticket  :o
And I'm off dah sarf tomorrow.
Hopefully the Marvellous Organisational Utility System Extension is programmed to remind me to call when I get a chance. I might just have to pull off the M1 at 9am!

I'll fire 'em a knee mail just to be sure.
* May contain nuts.


I wasn't able to get through to the irate barman but I did get this in an email from the House of Progression:-

"The worst kept secret  in the world. FROST* will Play Fri 16th Dec

Tickets are flying out of the door £12 Advance.


DO NOT PHONE TONIGHT!! Thank you all."

Think I might be excusing myself from a meeting tomorrow afternoon to, ahem, make a quick call...  ;)
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I nearly blew up when it all kicked off. I've never moved so quickly before, either. And then the wondreful James H (is he still LivingForever over here?) and Philadelphia got me one with their's. Infinite thanks to you, you lovely people! Ho, ho and indeed, ho!  :D  :D  :D  :D

Quote from: "RacingHippo"Hopefully the Marvellous Organisational Utility System Extension is programmed to remind me to call when I get a chance.

Super amazing groovy wow fab reminder system set for 11:30 tomorrow, sir, thirty minutes before game time.  ;)


I want to phone at noon tomorrow but I'm supposed to be filming the chief executive at that time,  I'm sure he won't mind if I pop out to make a phone call  :D


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