Frost* Christmas 2011 AGM - The Peel, Kingston. 16th Dec

Started by JakeWorrell, August 12, 2011, 09:58:43 AM

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Quote from: "Mouse"How about now?
Closer. Are we there yet?
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Are you both mad?
December, with this glorious hot weather!
Tally Ho Chaps
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Throttle to boost, im going in!


Quote from: "Mikey"
Quote from: "Mouse"Is it December yet?  :)


Not ....... hardly.
This space for sale.


All sorted now train tickets booked this morning for a far more reasonable £35 although did involve having to book from Neath-Waterloo (£15.50), Waterloo-Kingston (£5.50), Kingston-Neath(£14) to get the cheapest deal as from Neath direct to Kingston was still showing as £69 :roll:



Apparently my plans on coming to the gig have failed. Stupid money... :(
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Andy P

Hello all, long time no post!

So very excited about this - got me tix, for me and my new Mrs P (she claims to be a non-progger, but I saw her tapping her foot in 15/8 at our first gig together, Spocks at The Robin in 2007).

Looking forward to seeing everyone again (I gate-crashed your pre gig meet-up in Derby last year, then got totally smashed and spouted bollix all night), and hope to be on better behaviour this time if you let me join you - Mrs P will have my jewels tightly clamped in case of over-exhuberance!)

I know some of you guys are staying at various TravelSplodges, but am I right in assuming they don't have a resident's bar? Anyone know of a hotel with a retreat, within (arthiritic) walking distance from the venue (I'm not reet familiar with that Lahndahn place).



Hey there, Andy P!  :)

Gandalf, you will be missed, good sir.  :(


I'm hoping that I'll be allowed in the room. I might have to insist!
It's in the post!


Of course you'll be allowed. Shirley no-one will be wanting to buy merch during the gig?


Quote from: "Mouse"Shirley no-one will be wanting to buy merch during the gig?

Forum rule number 44, part 1, section b, paragraph 6. No-one shall buy merch during a Frost* gig or we'll send the boys round. (OK get Pedders to stand over them) You shall go to the ball
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QuoteOn that occasion, Dec's voice was so shot by the end when they were about to do a progged-up rendition of "Merry Christmas Everybody" that Jem just asked if anyone in the audience wanted to do it - which was how we were introduced to the highly-talented Cosmic Lawnmower :)

You're very kind Sir!  ;)

Must admit I'd love a re-run!!  :)


Firstly, apologies to all you loverly Frosties for being a bit quiet of late. (and on Twitter as a very nice young lady pointed out to me at the IB/MA gig last nite). Nowt sinister, just lots and lots of boring life type things taking over, and me trying trying to get some finished music recorded for my new Soundcloud page... more of this shortly I hope.

The reason this post is here is because even though I have tickets for the Xmas AGM I may not be able to make it! This is because somewhere there is a scalpel blade with my name on it, and scheduling has so far decreed that I will be making aquaintance with said item on the week of the gig! it's nothing too major and is in fact an in and out on the day job, but I probably won't be in a position to bounce the Big Banana that close to the laughing gas. However, I'm not going to offer my ticket at this point in time, things can change, as they already have, and I may get another last minute postponement. So, if anyone is still without a ticket during the week of the gig, PM me and I'll let you know what's happening
This is a sort of win-win situation. One way I get a nagging "injury" in operation and the other I get to see a damn fine band in operation.
I am out of the office. Messages can be left with Mr. C Lyons on 020 7722 3333


I'm WELL excited :) I've mentioned this on twitter once, I think, But me and my girlfriend are thinking about making biscuits to bring if anyone would like some :) We'll put your name on them and everything! I think we just love an excuse to create something delicious. I was warned by Mouse, however, that I might be encroaching on Nellie's territory, so I hope I don't make any enemies here... Haha!