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Started by DueyC, September 07, 2011, 01:05:43 PM

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Those of us who follow Blunders on Twitter and Facebook know:

1. He works too hard
2. What that did to him on Monday.

He's written a lengthy account of his escapade and what he's learnt from it in his blog and would like it passed on to anyone who might be in similar danger.

That's two members of Frost* who've come close to driving themselves over the edge this year, and a timely reminder that even though you may enjoy your work, your body still needs a rest from time to time.

Good luck with your new, quieter, lifestyle Craig  :)
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It's testament to what a tremendous bloke Major Blunders is, that when he's been through hell (and genuinely thought he was about to die) that he thinks of others: he wants to help prevent others from going through the same thing.
Top bloke.
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As a fan of Craig's long before he joined the mad world of Frost* I read the blog earlier with a great deal of concern. But testament to the top, top bloke that he is, he manages to STILL think of helping others who may be facing similar stresses/juggling acts (or denying that they are!!!).

Good on you Craig, for not only being a great person and drummer, but for the humility and willingness to share your experiences with others, even at what must be a terribly worrying time for you personally.
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It all sounds seriously scary stuff. I've never really read up about panic attacks, but I shall treat the term with infinitely more respect now.

Very pleased that Blunders managed to get timely medical attention and treatment, and - although it isn't anywhere near as important in the grand scheme of things - happy for him he didn't prang his new motor in the process of having the attack.

Wishing you the best of health Craig!


This shows that rest is more important than people think. Even if it means saying no to more things, there's nothing selfish about taking care of ones health. I'm VERY glad he got through that day, and hopefully takes more care of himself.

The part about borrowed time is very interesting, and I agree. You do have to pay it back later, or else it goes wrong. Any intense work day should be balanced with a relaxing one.

Take care mate!


Sheesh - heavy stuff!  :shock: After reading this, I do hope both Craig and Jem don't get too worked up in preparation for the Frost* gig in December.  Take it easy guys and just remember, you'll be amongst friends so don't stress yourself trying to be perfect on our account; we'd rather have you around for a bit longer!  8-)
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Worder than the wordest word

Quote from: "blunders"I want anyone that has a busy lifestyle that gets chest pains, that gets stress, that drinks energy drinks, that drinks lots of coffee to look at my little story above and realize a few things.....
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It works on the diet then, just kills you :shock:
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It just goes to show that you never can tell what life is about to throw at you, me and Sami saw him at a Roland clinic on the Saturday and Craig seemed to be on top form and full of the joys of being a total workaholic, you would never have guessed that just two days later he'd be going through this. We wish him good luck and good health for the future.


I really really feel for Bulnders right now. I've had my share of them over the years and the last almost a year
ago in October. It's gets you because you really do feel like you're having a heart attack. I can't speak for him
but for me there's nothing like going into Urgent Care or the emergency room and having them wire you up
like the Borg,take fluids out of you only to find afterwards nothing serious is wrong. it comes,hits you
and passes. he definitely appeared to have some top of the scale symptoms. I've never had black spots
or lost my speech,at least that I can recall. I had the other symptoms though. Any EMT will tell you
and they know right off the bat what to look for and there are other symptoms that only show during
true cardiac arrest. The EMT talked to me and asked me a bunch of questions and it was apparent
what was going on and simply knowing that helped me take control in my mind.

I was told the same things and even saw a cardiologist for 2 years. I stayed away from caffeine
and they had me on a beta blocker which made me tired all the time. At any rate, it's actually
a combination of outside stress factors and the obvious caffenated drinks. Drinking coffee and
energy drinks in the morning and slowing down with evening a little bit of alchohol is bad as you
are forcing your body one way,then the other. Not good.

I wish the best for him and I'm sure he'll be okay. it's enough to scare the S@#T out of you that
you quickly change your habits/lifestyle.


It's certainly scary to read, so I can't imagine just how scary it is to actually go through something like that. Hugs and much needed rest all round.


This just released by Roland -

Probably a taste of what to expect in December.   8-)
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