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Started by Jem, September 28, 2011, 08:40:23 PM

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...very cleverly made on a limited budget.
The only "set" they needed was the "room" they were in (which they could vary the look of with different lighting etc. to make the same set look like a different room) plus a separate "wall" to act as "background" behind any open door.
To film the move from one room to another, they filmed the actors as they climbed out, tweaked the room and then filmed them climbing back in! Brilliant! :)
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Similar techniques are used in Doctor Who (both old and new) for those long running-through-corridor scenes.


...and the same in Big Bang Theory.  The same set used for each floor of the building as they walk up the stairs over and over.  Must be odd for the studio audience.
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It's great to have you back Jem!

Wish I could be there on Dec 16th, but I will only be in the UK on Dec 2-4 this year! SOOOOOO CLOOOOOOOSE!  :cry:


Hey Frans, nice to see you here. How's it going?  :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"