Curry Thread - Please Read if you said you were coming!

Started by LivingForever, December 09, 2011, 10:41:35 AM

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Nest time you should get an accountant to come along - if I find a decent one I'll let you know.... ;)
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Quote from: "L33VEY"Nest time you should get an accountant to come along

No. he'd want paying

Well done James, glad we got it all sorted in the end.

 :twisted:  Now you know all the pitfalls I think you've become honorary Curry organiser.....Yes you can now shoot me  :D

Great night alround, can't believe the level of conversation on our table....Astronomy, physics, God particle.......anyone gleen any info on Frost*/Bites?
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I had a great time chatting about all sorts of music-related stuff with Big Black Shed, Dr. BlowThingsUp, Philadelphia and LFE (when we weren't urging him to start conducting the waiters to the tables who were awaiting food). Bloody superb! Cheers, mate. Let's do it again at the next one.  :D