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Started by Nellie, October 10, 2011, 11:54:42 AM

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Quote from: "keithd"
Quote from: "Trapezium Artist"
Quote from: "keithd"
Quote from: "Mouse"Keith D looks very anxious waiting for his curry, doesn't he?  :lol:

Well, I had been waiting 3 years for this curry  ;)

It was worth the wait though  :lol:

Good job you ordered the curry in advance, Keith; you couldn't possibly have heard the waiter asking for your order on the night after spending the whole gig right in front of the left-hand speaker stack. That was you, wasn't it?  :shock:

Yep, that was me. The ears took a bashing, but it was worth it  :)

Mad, completely mad: my left ear didn't stop buzzing until Sunday morning, and I was three metres away from the speakers.

For anyone needing good custom ear plugs, I can thoroughly recommend these folks:


OK, they're very definitely not cheap and you also need to factor in the cost of a visit to an audiologist to get some moulds of your ears made, but for a perfect fit, they're fantastic.

I actually don't have the ear plug variety, but have Elacin moulds for my Etymotic ER-4P earphones and it's on that basis that I can recommend Elacin's moulds in general. Indeed, while Elacin makes the moulds, Etymotic makes the attenuation filters in those earplugs, and Elacin also resell standard earplugs from Etymotic that are very likely to be good, as well as a damn sight cheaper:


Right; enough advertising for one afternoon ...  8-)


Quote from: "Nellie"Oh no you've ruined it with scribbles?  ;)
As you can see they had the big crayons out :D
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Anyone close to the speakers should use plugs, the levels are meant to be spread out across the room, and standing too close is potentially dangerous. I was way back, and even I plugged my ears just to be safe. I'm used to it, so maybe I'm a bit sensitive, but I won't risk any damage to the mixing ears, higher frequencies drop out fast when you're exposed to loud volumes over time. Ringing ears is a sign of overload.

Custom plugs are great, they don't mess up the sound at all. It's worth the investment :)


Just a guess but I'm thinking that the reason I didn't find it too loud was that I've already f'd up me lugs!!


I got my shirt!!!  yay!!!  pictures eventually!

thanks, nellie and VitP!  it's topper!!


here we go!!
[attachment=0:gjmr82y6]rog frostie 2011smx.jpg[/attachment:gjmr82y6]


Quote from: "rogerg"I got my shirt!!!  yay!!!  pictures eventually!

thanks, nellie and VitP!  it's topper!!
Cool! That got to you fairly quick :)