Hollow Man pt.2 Collab?

Started by RobRideout, September 07, 2011, 01:23:55 PM

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Hello peeps :)

Just thought I'd make myself known, and ask for a favour or two with recording some of my new songs. I'm writing the second part of a mini suite thing now and since I made such a hash of mixing the last one, I thought I'd let someone else have a go at making it sound cool!
Halfway through that thought, I had another thought that maybe other people would want to play some of the parts for it, so if there's any volunteers...

I already have Dale Cross on drums, who I've done some work with before, and I quite fancy doing the vocals, but pretty much all other parts are up for grabs! There's some piano and bass and a few guitars floating around. I might put the stems up somewhere so anyone can add stuff to it, I think it might be nice with a few extra details, so please let me know if you want a go at doing some of it!



Wicked! I'll let you know how I get on. I'll put some audio files on sendspace or something so you can help write it as well if you like :)


If you need extra keyboards or soundscapey stuff I'm up for it  :D
BTW what was Hollow Man pt.1?


Drums and vox are the only things I do, so I'm kinda redundant!
Unless you need bongos. Or darbuka. Or BVs.
* May contain nuts.


"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I heartily recommend RacingHippo's darbuka and Pedro's spoooons.


I think it would sound good with some bongo type percussion and stuff on it, so I might take you up on that, sirs!
Also, @mouse, Hollow Man Pt.1 Was a song I put on soundcloud a while ago, and I think the soundscapey stuff would be awesome! Can't wait. I'll keep y'all posted!


We're all waiting with baited breath & Pedders has been polishing his spoons to within an inch of their silver-plated lives!
Any snippets to feed us?


Oh lordy, I almost forgot about this thread!
Yes, I've just uploaded a vague demo of the first couple of minutes, if you want to check it out, and there is a link to the first part here: //http://soundcloud.com/rob-rideout-music/hollow-man-pt-1-awakening
The requested snippet is here: //http://drblowthingsup.tumblr.com/
Enjoy :)


If you need a keyboard wanker/sound design geek/noisy bastard, I'd be happy to add a bit or two. :)


Quote from: "E.S."If you need a keyboard wanker/sound design geek/noisy bastard, I'd be happy to add a bit or two. :)
Loving the high opinion we all have of ourselves. :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:


Never said it was good wankery :mrgreen: