Building the stage for the Genesis tour

Started by Pedro, October 22, 2011, 08:44:22 AM

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Not sure if this got liked before.
Apart from the presenter's bad jokes and Phil Collins fixation, it's interesting to see what went in to building it.
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Love stuff like this, like the Queen @ Wembley DVD
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Great find. I love all kinds of stuff like this.


Brilliant video!

Quote from: "Pedro"...Apart from the presenter's bad jokes ...

Oh, that's why I didn't laugh at it ?
I was afraid I didn't understand it correctly, and had to go back to my english lessons...  :oops:


I saw this show a little while back. I went to that very Giants Stadium show and to see the stage
in person give you a whole new appreciation. It was awesome to see it being built but too bad
it only lasted for half of the show.