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Started by Mikey, November 18, 2011, 05:21:19 AM

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Aforementioned Lord/Wakeman track


& did Rick say classical music?

Deep Purple v Beethoven

Live at the Birmingham NEC,UK on 9th November 1993
Keys-Jon Lord,
Drums -Ian Paice,
Guitar -Ritchie Blackmore,
Vox -Ian Gillan,
Bass -Roger Glover

Lording it up on keys

Interview re. his organ (Hammond) - A Lord Report  :D

& one more
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Michael Dunsford RIP ... ford-dies/

Very unexpected, just back from the first leg of the Renaissance reunion tour.  I was really hoping to catch them if they did any UK dates. Renaissance were always one of my fave bands. Song for All Seasons still gives me goosebumps.


They didn't feature much in my soundtrack but it's still very sad.  :cry:
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Hawkwind's Huw Lloyd Langton Passes Away

HAWKWIND have announced that former member Huw Lloyd Langton has died, at age 61, after a cancer battle.

The guitarist joined HAWKWIND in 1970 and appeared on their self-titled first album.
He returned to the band in 1979 for nine years appearing on ten of their albums.

He fronted his own band, the Lloyd Langton Group, which released nine albums.

An official band statement says ...
"Our great friend and fellow musician Huw Lloyd Langton has sadly lost his long battle with cancer. He passed away peacefully last night (Thursday) at home, with his wife Marion by his side.
Huw had been bravely fighting cancer for a couple of years, but was determined not to let the battle affect his day to day life. He continued to play his guitar, laugh, joke and share the great love he had in his heart, with all who knew him.
As he wished, he was at home when the time came.
Huw was one of the great guitarists with an individual style and character. He is gone but never forgotten by any of us. He will live on in our music and in our hearts."
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Trapezium Artist

I realise that this thread has been about musicians until now and that we've had specific threads for others (e.g. Patrick McGoohan in 2009), but I thought I'd add this sad news here, namely that Gerry Anderson died today:


The creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Space 1999, UFO, among other seminal programmes of the 1960s and 70s including Stingray, Fireball XL5, and Supercar, doubtless had a huge influence on many members of this forum, I'm sure.

For me, the first five core programmes named above capture  a very significant part of my childhood and, along with Doctor Who, Tomorrow's World, and Isaac Asimov, likely had much to do with the career path I've followed since. In those days, the future seemed just around the corner and I wanted very much to be a part of it. Things weren't always bright and shiny: from the optimism of Thunderbirds and Joe 90, to the darker edge of Captain Scarlet and the downright black of UFO, Anderson's programmes spanned a huge range, but always looking forward, not back.

Farewell, Gerry: your legacy remains "Indestructible" ...


Agreed, sad news indeed. I recall watching Thunderbirds et al when I was a kid, and that kind of paved the way for me to get into Doctor Who & Star Wars.

A creative genius, not afraid to push the boundaries time after time.

RIP, not FAB
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Add Mothers of Invention founder Ray Collins to the growing list.
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Quote from: "gr8gonzo"Add <...> to the growing list.
Unfortunately, it's not a list that ever gets shorter. :(
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Quote from: "Trapezium Artist"I realise that this thread has been about musicians
As it was my thread, quality derailing..........carry on
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Trapezium Artist

I realise that this hugely premature, as the man's by no means dead yet, but it is nevertheless sad and shocking news:


Iain's brilliant fiction, whether contemporary or science fiction, has been a big part of my life for many, many years now, and he's way, way too young to leave us.

Dire, dire news  :cry:


Legendary rock producer Andy Johns dies at 61: Worked with Zeppelin and Stones

Andy Johns was one of rock's most iconic engineers and producers. The 61-year-old English music legend had his hand and expertise on some of rock and roll's seminal albums including six Led Zeppelin and several Rolling Stones records. Artist's like Eric Clapton, Blind Faith, and Free, along with 80s hard rock staples like L.A. Guns, Van Halen and Cinderella were all recipients of his massive talents. Johns was fortunate enough to learn from the best including Eddie Kramer (Kiss, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper).

Read more: ... z2Q0dG37rz
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Paco De Lucia, 66, of an infarct, playing with his kids in Mexico. Wonderful flamenco guitarist and did some amazing stuff with Al Di Meola and John Mcloughlin. RIP


Indeed.  'Friday Night in San Francisco' is possibly the best live album of acoustic guitar playing ever recorded.  The level of talent is just ridiculous (although probably not for haters of widdly widdly playing!)
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Quote from: D S on February 27, 2014, 09:39:42 AM
(although probably not for haters of widdly widdly playing!)

...cause we have so many of those here on the Frost* forum!


Friday Night in San Francisco was the first CD played on my road trip to London and back today RIP Paco De Lucia