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Started by Mikey, November 18, 2011, 05:21:19 AM

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Former ELO cellist Hugh McDowell dead at 65

Hugh McDowell, known for his work with ELO, Wizzard and Wetton/Downes, has died at the age of 65

Cellist Hugh McDowell, who was best known for his work with ELO and Wizzard throughout the 70s, has died at the age of 65.

McDowell also worked with Wetton/Downes on their Icon albums, with Geoff Downes confirming the news of the musician's death on Twitter.

The Yes keyboardist says: "Very sad news to hear that good friend and super cellist, Hugh McDowell has passed away.

"Apart from his legendary ELO contributions, he was an integral part of all of our Wetton/Downes Icon albums. A great musician and gentleman sadly missed. Thank you Hugh."

Producer Rob Aubrey also paid tribute to McDowell, saying: "Sad to hear of the death of Hugh McDowell. I recorded him a number of times for John Wetton and Geoff Downes.

"Always fun and a great ear for a cool part... in awe of his tales of life on the road and in the air with ELO. RIP sir."

McDowell joined the ELO lineup in 1972 but later left the band to hook up with Roy Wood and Bill Hunt in Wizzard. But after a short stint, he returned to ELO in 1973 to replace Colin Walker.

He appeared on ELO's Discovery music video in 1979, but did not appear on the studio album.

Along with his work with ELO and Wetton/Downes, McDowell played cello on Asia tracks I Will Remember You and An Extraordinary Life from the 2008 album Phoenix and also recorded with Saint Etienne and Simon Apple among others.

No official cause of death has been announced.
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Neil Peart. Well, fuck



Indeed, very sad news  :'(



 :'( Gutted. My all-time favourite drummer. And a brilliant lyricist. The world just got a little darker.
At least I was privileged enough to see his drumming live numerous times.
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Bill Rieflin (King Crimson). Only 60. Rip



Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers - another victim of Covid-19. :( :'(

If you listen to the keyboards on tracks like No More Heroes, his fantastic playing and solo runs owe more to prog than some of the band's fans would ever care to admit. ;)

Update - actually, his own words on the Stranglers website rather confirm that.
"Before I joined my main influences were probably Jon Lord (Deep Purple) & then Rick Wakeman (Yes)." 8)
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And now Eddie Van Halen. :'(
Hendrix showed what could be done on an electric guitar and then EVH took it to the next level.
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Eddie Van Halen redefined electric guitar playing - so many players from the 80s onwards have been influenced either directly or indirectly by what he did.
I was one of the generation of kids who grew up watching their live videos when we were first getting into bands - a real influence on my early years, despite being a drummer!!!!

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