Found a video cover of Toys...with a twist

Started by Pedro, February 04, 2012, 11:46:27 PM

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Interesting take on the song, just bass and guitar, but it works quite well, kudos to them...


EDIT: Just worked out that it's fellow Frost*ie "Craig" on guitar. Well done sir!  :)
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Vocals a little, err, off-kilter at the beginning, but honed in later on. Interesting switch in the middle ...


Thanks for sharing it, Pedro :-) glad you all enjoyed it!

Aye, I definitely had a bit of a shaky start on the vocals with this one, probably didn't help that the monitors at that venue are non-existent.  Plus we launched into the song significantly faster than intended, oops!  :lol:

I'm doing a solo gig in Hitchin tonight and debuting a new Frost* cover as it goes  :D  new video soon (hopefully)


Very nice indeed (once you settle in, as you said :))... looking forward to the next now!



though you list it as "acoustic", and you looked plugged in to me!!   (I'm just being pedantic)  




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Nice work - and an excellent little seque there!  :)