Zelda Pirates Rock?

Started by AndreasK, January 11, 2012, 08:24:08 AM

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My friend Jake and I took a few days out last month and made this song for a themed competition:


It's an arrangement of some Legend of Zelda songs which we did in a big cinematic pirate movie style. I did the guitars, drums, bass and mixing, he handled the arrangement and orchestration I don't usually share this kind of stuff outside the small community that we do it for, but I figure if anyone can give me worthwhile feedback it'll be a fan of Frost*. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it and I very much look forward to feedback! Thanks! :)
- Andreas


Thats awesome! Nice work!

I've been a fan of Virt/Jake's work for a long time, and your work on the guitars and everything else sounds great.

I always wanted to get into the whole OCRemix thing but I never got around to finishing anything  :lol:
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I wish I could orchestrate an epic track like that! Alas, I lack the vision required. :(


Nice work! The mix of orchestral epic and guitar reminded me a bit of very early The Enid, not a bad thing at all.  :)
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Thanks for the kind words! :)

Mixing this thing was not easy....
- Andreas


Hmm, like that, maybe you could hedge your bets abit more like Ron and go for,
Celtic, orchestral, prog, metal, cinematic, Pirate rock. :D

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