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Started by Blunders73, January 12, 2012, 11:37:44 AM

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Just to let you little cherrubs know, next week, I'm very proud to be playing in LA at the Namm show for Roland. Amongst other things, I'm doing a very very special gig that is going to be filmed for t'interweb where I'll be playing some Frost tunage

This vid is expected to get a hooooge amount of hits worldwide from Roland fans, because, well, can't say too much at this stage but it will !

I'll post a link from my hotel room onto my facebook, twtter and the tube when it has been posted live, if you guys could comment about the band, the track, me etc etc "I'd/we'd" all be eternally grateful, its a nice opportunity to get the band in front of a wider audience that haven't heard it.....innit !

Cheers all, happy new year, easter, etc etc

Blunders xx


Will do Blunders and have a great time at Namm  :)


Can't wait for it. Commentage at the ready! :)
Will the video be up before you get back??
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the video will be edited and uploaded same day


Aye sir! I'm ready to spread the good word.
Good luck at Namm. :)


At the ready sir. (Is this the band you mentioned [or didn't ;) ] at the Peel? close to 40 years old with a desert connection)

They aren't American though, so probably not
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Excellent, consider me ready to comment.
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No prob.and the best of luck at Namm.. ;)
M,lady....please come down off that roof!!


I'd be delighted to help you out sir!

Any Idea where I could find some quadrophonic  or 5:1 trellis?


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Poised and ready to comment, Squire!  :D


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Nam? It's hell over there, man ...  8-)


Ee, that sounds reet grand, that does. As soon as a link appears, we'll do our work.  :)


Quote from: "Trapezium Artist"Nam? It's hell over there, man ...  8-)
Ha!ha!.. :D
M,lady....please come down off that roof!!