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Started by RWA, January 14, 2012, 12:26:04 AM

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Quote from: "Brom"I've been listening online for a while, and will be making a purchase shortly - and that's a promise!!
That's much appriciated Brom. :)

May I advice you to choose BandCamp; they provide the widest range of formats and the highest quality.
Amazon and iTunes (and others) are just being silly raising the price of the album to their minimum of $8,99 although I've set it to $4,99. Also these morons set any track that's above 10 minutes as an "album exclusive track". I hate that. Anyone should be able to get individual tracks. They can't handle prog I tell ya!

Putting an album on cdbaby has the benefit of wide distribution (they forward it to most popular web shops) but the pricing (outside of cdbaby itself) is out of my control.  :|

Not much I can do about that other then directing folks to the best site.
SoundClick is decent also. The benefit for me is that sales help to climb the charts over there.  :)


No chance of a CD I guess!  :D
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Quote from: "LivingForever"No chance of a CD I guess!  :D
What do you mean LF? No chance on a free version or no chance on a physical one?  :)


Quote from: "RWA"
Quote from: "LivingForever"No chance of a CD I guess!  :D
What do you mean LF? No chance on a free version or no chance on a physical one?  :)
Download it and burn one, or do you want a shiny insert with pics and things?
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Raving review on my album. In French.  :D

Mark Smit (singer of Knight Area) translated it for me in Dutch.

U zult zich zeker Ghost Cirus herinneren, de bijzondere groep die bestond uit twee multi-instrumentalisten; de een, Ronald Wahle, woonachtig in Nederland, en de ander, Chris Brown, in de VS.
Ze hadden zeker niet de gemakkelijkste weg gekozen, maar waren er toch in geslaagd om ons op twee albums te trakteren, "Cycles" in 2006 en "Across The Line" in 2008, een concept-album dat werd afgesloten met het prachtige titelnummer. De twee opussen werden beide goed ontvangen door de progressieve critici.
In 2010 besloot Ronald Wahle, de Nederlander, zijn eigen weg te gaan, en dat betekende het einde voor dit speciale duo... Chris Brown, die gitaarpartijen, bas en zang bijdroeg aan Ghost Circus, is nu gitarist in zijn rock/metal groep C.S. Brown....
Wat betreft Ron Wahle, hij heeft niemand anders nodig, aangezien hij zich even goed thuisvoelt op de gitaar als achter de keyboards of een drumstel... En alsof dat niet genoeg is, heeft hij ook de bas weer opgepakt. En als klap op de vuurpijl heeft hij zich praktisch alle instrumenten zelf eigen gemaakt...
Nu levert hij enkele solo-nummers af, alle instrumentaal, geschreven tussen 2010 en 2011. Zijn muzikale voorkeur is breed, van progrock van de jaren 70 (Genesis, Yes), tot de neoprog en progmetal van de jaren 80 en 90 (Marillion, It Bites, Spock's Beard, Dream Theater), waarbij de jaren-80-rock (U2, The Cure), en zelfs Genesis en Yes van de jaren 80 voorbij komen...
Vele invloeden zijn terug te vinden in zijn composities, die daardoor een grote muzikale rijkdom meekrijgen. Ronald Wahle zoekt de uitdaging in een originele mix van stijlen, en dat gaat hem erg goed af.  
De sferen wisselen elkaar af, verschillende stemmingen en ritmes volgen elkaar op zelfs binnen de nummers, waarbij keyboards en gitaar vervlochten zijn (hoewel de gitaar meestal de boventoon voert).
Natuurlijk zijn er gitaarriffs te vinden die aan Ghost Circus doen denken, echter Ronald Wahle met zijn onmiskenbare gitaarbeheersing sleept ons mee in hetzij neoprog-, hetzij metal-, danwel rocksferen, met een vleugje fusion in "Eleven", en mooie, effectieve klassieke neoprog solo's omlijsten elk nummer.
Matjes van keyboard en symfosferen komen hier en daar het gitaargeweld verzachten. "K2" is het minst heftige nummer, en tevens het meest meeslepend.
Het magistrale "Overload", een meesterwerk van bijna 15 minuten, sleept ons op Pendragon-achtige wijze mee in een wervelstorm van gitaar die alles op zijn weg vernietigt, en af en toe meen je zelfs op de achtergrond de stem van Nick Barrett te horen!
Mooie nummers dus om te ontdekken, met een ingewikkelde structuur, technisch, maar zeker niet zonder emotie...
Ga eens op de website van Ron Wahle kijken om zijn werk te beluisteren en aan te schaffen. Daar zijn tevens twee nummers te vinden onder de naam Romanov. Dit is een nieuw project, als deel van een duo met een zanger...

For the English and Americans....... learn a foreign language!  ;)


Quote from: "RWA"For the English and Americans....... learn a foreign language!  ;)
Nah, use Google and then take the pi$$ out of the tranlsatations!!

Quote from: "Google"You probably remember GHOST CIRCUS, this atypical band composed of two multi-instrumentalists, one Ronald Wahle living in the Netherlands, and the other Chris Brown in the United States.
They certainly did not choose the easy, but had nevertheless managed to put together two albums, "Cycles" in 2006 and "Across The Line" in 2008 concept album ended with a beautiful title track. The two works had also been welcomed by progressive upper echelons.
In 2010, Ronald Wahle, the Dutch decided to cut the road alone, and that's the end of this singular duo ... Chris Brown, who officiated on guitars, bass and vocals in GHOST CIRCUS, is now playing guitar in his rock / metal, CS BROWN .....
As for Ron Wahle tell me he does not need anyone because it is comfortable both behind the guitar or keyboards behind a battery .... And as if that were not enough, he recently returned to the bass ... And to top it all, he learned to master practically alone all these instruments ...
He gives us some of his solo pieces, all instrumental, composed between 2010 and 2011. His musical preferences are quite diverse, ranging from rock prog '70s (GENESIS, YES), the neo prog and metal prog of the 80 and 90 (MARILLION, IT BITES, SPOCK'S BEARD, DREAM THEATER), through the rock 80 years (U2, THE CURE), and even by the GENESIS and YES the 80s ....
So many influences that are reflected in his compositions, infusing them with a rich musical. Ronald Wahle the challenge of originality and the mix of genres, and he is doing very well ...
The mood is so different, and different landscapes and rhythmic succession within the same pieces, which in general, appear as interlacing guitars and keyboards (the guitars are still prevalent).
There are of course the riffs GHOST CIRCUS, Ron Wahle and his undeniable mastery of the guitar leads us into neo-prog universe sometimes, sometimes metal, sometimes rock, fusion with a touch of "Eleven", and beautiful a solid neo-prog classic and effective punctuate each song.
Layers of keyboards and symphonic atmospheres are beyond deci soften the exaltation of guitars, "K2" is the title the less feverish and more hovering.
The masterful "Overload", the centerpiece of almost 15 minutes, closing it off, very pendragonesque, taking us into a whirlwind of guitars ravaging everything in its path, and at times we almost hear the distant voice of Nick Barrett !
Beautiful to discover titles therefore, structurally complex, quite technical but not devoid of emotion ....
I recommend you go to the website of Ron Wahle, listen and buy his music. You will also find two titles under the name of Romanov, who is his new duo project with singer ...
"I don't need anyone", said Ronald The Dutch :D
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I see ROnald The Dutch doesn't mention Frost* as an influence either :lol:


I never told anyone I don't need other people. That's silly!  :roll:
FFS, Johan Ouweneel and Kurt Singer feature on this album. What they mend to say is something like "he doesn't seem to need anyone else". Which is a compliment I guess. Still a silly statement IMO since I definitely need someone to sing!  :)

It's fun to be in a 'band' (FORMATIV) again btw after all this solo stuff. It's nice to focus almost completely on drums and guitars this time. Others take care of keys, bass, the bulk of guitars and production this time. Loving it!  :mrgreen:


Quote from: "owen"I see ROnald The Dutch doesn't mention Frost* as an influence either :lol:



LOL Like I say, just poking fun at the translation, seriously unfair cos it gives the wrong meaning! :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Quote from: "Pedro"LOL Like I say, just poking fun at the translation, seriously unfair cos it gives the wrong meaning! :)
It can be funny indeed. Just translate it back into English again and it'll be a terrible review of one of the worst albums ever!  :lol:



Quote from: "RWA"8.5 out of 10 on Dutch Progressive Rock Page!  :D

Can't fault that  :D
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