Frost* Forum Collab Song v.2

Started by E.S., January 31, 2012, 04:53:05 PM

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Yes, this 'ere ship rather ran aground when Cap'n E.S. got far too busy to take it on.

The first effort was a success because we had someone with the skill and will ("skwill"?) to drive it forward (the mighty Ron).

I don't suppose it's really dead...and the direction we were going is only really just that - not the whole trip.

I like what you have done, it's that injection of fresh "what??" that contributes to the joy of such endeavours and you begin to hear something altogether more interesting and inspiring. 

Thanks for sharing that. Who knows, someone might take hold of the wheel one day.
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Thanks Pedro. Glad you liked it. Yes indeed the skwill can be hard to come by sometimes. Well I had a bit of fun doing it and it made me realise how badly I need to practice my scales so that's a good thing. We'll see what the future brings. You said the previous colab was a success. Is that on the forum somewhere? i'd be interested to hear it. Cheers.


Actually, that's a good question. Not sure where it is "out in the open", as it were. I was able to grab it from the original Box account.

So, now you can find a copy of the track here :-

A picture showing the track arrangement and credits here :-

...and you can watch a video of the tracks playing here :- (watch in HD if you can)

Perhaps it could do with not repeating quite as much as it does but there are things about every bit that I think work really well.

There's a huge thread about it here :-
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I was shocked to discover this wasn't in my hoard! I've added it now, I might mirror the submissions when I get home, too (my 'net is faster there).


4 plays and 3 likes so far - come on - own up.....   ;D
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Quote from: L33VEY on March 04, 2014, 08:54:53 PM
4 plays and 3 likes so far - come on - own up.....   ;D
I may have liked it  :)
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I do like it indeed but I didn't press the like button as didn't see it. Just to clarify i'm blind and use a screen reader so I sometimes miss things. But I do indeed like it. Lol. I love the reworking going on and its a wonderful tribute to the frostiness. I particularly like the keyboard player whoever that maybe, but then I am one also so that figures I guess. Once again this makes me think I could do with some practice! Any hoo, its a great achievement, and I can now appreciate the potensial work involved if we were to try and replicate something of the same detail and complexity. That said, prog doesn't always have to be complex. There is more than one way to progress a cat. Well done to everyone involved in both these projects. Inspiring stuff. :)


Quote from: tigermoth on March 06, 2014, 08:27:52 PM
Just to clarify i'm blind and use a screen reader
You'll be needing our braille font then, like this

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Any Update here??  Stumbled upon my parts for the FFCS1 yesterday and was curious about #2..  If Jem wont throw us some more crumbs, we could at least pick the grain for our own bread, No?  Ill go squeeze a cloud for the water...  :)
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Lol. Only just seen that. Clear as mud.


Odd, the original forum track came up on random play the other day, a pleasant surprise  :)
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Just stumbled upon this thread...

I'd love to jump on board if this project is at all still alive and kicking?

It just so happens I've been working on my own special version of 1976...


Holey s--t. Hard to believe it was over three years ago since I posted on this thread. How time flies and what a crazy three years it's been in so many ways. :)