My new song!

Started by Darryl, May 22, 2012, 05:17:51 PM

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Hello fair people of the frost forum

I've just finished recording and have now released this song as a free download.

I thought I would share it with you guys as you are all very wise in the world of production and perhaps could give me some tips or just some general comments :-).

Here it is :- //

Hope you like it!


That's just awesome! Funkiest tune I've heard in ages. Love it! :D

Production tips? I'd rather ask you for some. 8-)


Haha thanks E.S!

Thanks for listening. I'm by no means an accomplished producer. Just a bedroom one - but I try very hard. If you like that one theres also another track on the band camp page you might like to check out.

Its a bit of an older one and didn't know quite as much about mixing then. But its still pretty funky. Listen to at least the middle 8 before making a decision on liking it though ;)


nice!  got a bit of a Hall & Oates vibe. and that's a good thing!


Thanks Roger! I must confess I had to look them up but they are great. Very cool 80s pop!