Late to the party, but I brought beer at least.

Started by LipMyReeds, November 08, 2008, 05:16:16 PM

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Ok, so I'm known for being a bit of a late adopter of new music/bands, and this is largely because I become so obsessed with the great ones I run across that they stay at the top of my music rotation for months at a time, and I really don't give everything else out there a fair shot.  Well, I finally had a "lull" in music a couple of months and decided to check out an album called "Milliontown" because I'd heard good things about some band called frost* and was intrigued by the samples.

You all know what happened next - from the intitial "for the love of PETE this is good!" reaction on Hyperventilate, all the way through the sense of overwhelming epicness that is Milliontown - this album has owned the top spot in the rotation ever since.  I'm blown away, and hate I've been missing out for 2 years now.

Incredible job, Jem & Co., and I cannot wait to hear EiMA!

Your new fan,



Wheres the beer though? I'll settle for some Ale if you have that instead.
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Quote from: "Sean"Wheres the beer though?

tea and biscuits here, my lad!


Cripes!!  There I have been, travelling along in my comfortable but slighlty old) limo and then had to park up for a whilst I sorted out some stuff.  And then, I came back to head off again and what did I find?  WOW! Some apprentice panel beater has only taken a hammer to it and now I have a lovely Aston Martin in a beautiful silver colour. :)

That's what I think about how the new site looks - and it's a great drive so far.  Lots to see and an open road ahead.  And, in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to annoy the person next to me at the traffic lights with a full blast of EIMA.  When I say 'annoy' 'delight'!!

Thanks to all.
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