The Taurus is BACK!!!!

Started by EVP, November 27, 2008, 03:23:13 AM

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For a limited run of 1000... ... ?xuid=6258

now's your chance to have a set..if you can afford it!!


It's wierd as non of the samples on the Moog site seem to have that speaker-rattling, chest inploding WHUUMMPF! that I hear on  albums like Genesis' Seconds Out. The samples seem to have a fizzy top end, which I know could be tamed by closing the filter, or EQ, but it sounds a bit thin and not very authentic to my ears. I've got a Taurus sound on my Trinity which sounds fatter and more realistic I reckon. But I can't see Moog coming out with a retro product that doesn't sound the DB's, so all I can put it down to is a poor set of demo samples.

Any owners of the real set of vintage Taurus pedals on the forum who could compare the demo samples?

EDIT - I have just listened with a better set of headphones, and my impression is that it a bit better than I originally thought, but still a poor relation to the Nords and Novations of today  in terms of delivering a mega bottom end . :(


I have a set and, indeed the samples they provided barely sound anything like
the classic patches. That's strange for sure. I was actually kicking around the idea
of selling my vintage '76 set to place an order on one of these. I hope that maybe
they'll decide that it's worth putting into full time production in the future.


Whoa, i've always wanted one of these...  :shock:


I have a nice light VST of that... I think I'll keep on using that, the real one costs too much!
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Quote from: "Gandalf1986"I have a nice light VST of that... I think I'll keep on using that, the real one costs too much!

Yes I too have used the VST version and it's SO much like the real thing it's scary.
I only wish Antti would develop a Mac version. I'd be willing to donate a decent sum
of money to see it happen.

I did manage to sample one oscillator at every pitch across 2 octaves so now I just combine
2 of them for each note and slightly detune one note and it sounds pretty much the same.
All this talk is making me want to get the old beast out and mess around with them.