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Red Box
« on: April 17, 2012, 04:20:00 PM »
Maybe of no interest to anyone but me, and certainly not very proggy at all, but I always loved this band's first hit "Lean On Me" in a very 1985 kind of way. I remember really hating it at the start of that summer, but by the autumn it had been burned into my brain from heavy rotation on Laser 558 (along with Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush).

If you listen to a good quality copy it has a lot of nice 80's poppy production value stuff on it - big reverby pianos, lotsa drums, nice sampley stuff and ace backing vocals.  I discovered this in words from a writeup in One Two Testing with the producer David Motion but finally heard it all sonically when I got the 12" on vinyl at Easter 1999 from a charidee shop (along with Baltimora's Tarzan Boy which is also ace but which is seriously poppy and not progular in the slightest!)

This video - - is not very interesting to watch, but is very interesting to listen to if you like stories and stuff about bands and labels, including how they got their name from Slade...
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