Riversea album sampler.

Started by Capt Underpants, May 14, 2012, 01:07:29 PM

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Capt Underpants

Back in the days of yore when ye old Frosties forum was created,i uploaded a demo of a track called Out Of An Ancient World.The response from Jem, and the kind words from forum members encouraged us to press on with a full album,and after what has seemed an age and lots of problems and setbacks,its finnally finnished.

I thought it apropriate that i share this here at the place where it really all began. :)



Great music... ;) Well done mate!
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It's really great stuff, too. It's got a lovely Marillion meets Floyd vibe and Marc was kind enough to send me a few tracks for the Experiments in Mass Appeal radio show. I played one of them recently and plan on playing another on my next show. I hear a lot of albums and this one is very well-produced. Well done, Capt.!
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Something I forgot to go back and review. It's playing now......no it isn't, we don't do that :D

Liking, no liked what I heard ;)
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