Let's see if my key still fits........

Started by RWA, June 14, 2012, 08:31:54 AM

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It does! You haven't changed the locks apparently!  :mrgreen:

I've been a bit of a stranger for a while over here for several reasons.  :?
First one is a massive burn out from work that took 1 year off and on to bounce back from. I won't bother you with the details but the bottom line is I'm moving from doing way to many projects back to being a lab-technician again. Suits my health MUCH better.

Second is the fact there's not much going on with Frost* at the moment and after finishing the FFCS I felt no desire to hang around these parts for a while. Again being in the middle of the burn out didn't help either.

Third is I didn't have music to share for a while. The burn out.... oh well, you get the picture.  :roll:

But I is back on track with some new stuff.
The first one is a new RWA track called Eclipse (part 1). I'm currently in the middle of writing and recording part 2.

Eclipse (part 1)

But even more exciting is a new project I'm involved in together with John Beagley (UK), Jeremy Cubert (US) and Tom Kraus (US). Jeremy wrote a track called AETAS SUITE and ask John to write lyrics and add vocals to it. John contacted me for the drums and e-guitars and last but not least Tom got involved doing acoustic guitars. John ended up producing the song as well. This is the end result: Aetas Suite

We're so pleased with the result that we've decided to team up for more. No band name yet.
What's also exciting about this is the fact Jeremy Cubert has some impressive facts on his CV. He wrote and played on a track on the latest Anderson/Wakeman album (Yes) and did a track a couple of months ago with Billy  Sherwood (Yes, Circa). Being part of this is very exciting and I'm eager to find out what else we can come up with!  :)


What ho Ron! :D

Listening now, sounding good. :)


Welcome back, Ron, glad you are a) ok and b) enjoying the music-making.
I'll have a listen when I get to a real computer. This phone doesn't like bandcamp. :(
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


always excellent, Ron!  thanks for sharing!


Thanks guys!  :)

btw Pedro, ECLIPSE (part 1) is available on all major services by now (iTunes, Amazon, SoundClick etc.)
And there's always the free option of course on:

SoundCloud: //http://soundcloud.com/ronald-wahle/eclipse-part-1


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