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Started by dtscape10, June 23, 2012, 04:49:41 PM

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Quote from: "gr8gonzo"*this acronym stands for 'at the moment.' I do not presently have cranial cash dispensing capability.
That would make you a well popular chap, even more than you are now! Just think of the possibilities..........


I really can't get into it. Bought it at Celebr8 and had it in the car for a while but it just seems to either irritate or wash over me. Probably doesn't help that i don't really do the chugga, chugga Dream Theater widdle frenzy stuff. But i didn't even click with the other stuff either. I will perservere, but i have a feeling its not going to be for me.
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Fair go, it's a broad church. :)
I just find the album to be much more than the chugga/widdle stuff.
Just listen to Soldier on its own. Piano and voice. It's nice, just piano and voice...unless you don't like Damian's voice, in which case, like people who don't like Geddy's voice and so don't like Rush, you are not going to like any of it.
Then listen to track #1 up until that theme is carried by the guitar lead. Listen to the chords behind it...they're lush.
However, I'm sure it's possible to like just about anything if determined, so maybe I have just decided to like it. :)
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Have had the album for a couple of weeks now, am really liking it. Shades of Dream Theater,even Tool and Opeth Brilliant stuff