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Rig update. :)

Started by EvilDragon, July 11, 2012, 09:27:28 AM

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QuoteI wonder if this is what I'm picking up on...

Might work for you, but try reading this first and see if this way of tuning works for you (if you are not already doing it this way anyway)?

Some people go the opposite way and have compensated frets - see here! ... post780871
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So as I said, I was getting Komplete Ultimate... well, it arrived! Yay. Umm. Looks like I'll have to upgrade OSX to run it. Umm. Looks like that will break Cubase 4 so I'll have to update that too. Dammit. Thats money I didn't want to have to spend.


Ok, I am now set up with Cubase 6.5, OSX 10.6, Komplete 8 (or as much of it as I could fit on my hard drive) and an Ulranova. Now I can get back to writing music!


Or... like... learning all this new software and auditioning sounds....