Dude, you seriously need to update your tone bank!

Started by other, November 30, 2008, 10:58:16 PM

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My gear is a Casio CT-680 and a 486sx running SP Pro.  I think it it time to upgrade. Or as everyone used to say to me ten years ago, "Dude, you seriously need to update your tone bank!"

Oh yeah, I also have a Drum Rocker for the XBox 360, a FX-1 effect processor, and M-Audio 2496 around.

The main thing I want is keyboard sequencing sort of stuff, but I also like to add in vocals and electronic drums shortly.

I had a dualboot PC/Ubuntu machine ready for the project, but it's bricked.  My current thinking is a Mac with Cubase4.  A Mac Pro may be overkill, but I don't want to end up with something insufficient either.  The 2496 card could come in handy at first, but I'll probably switch to a USB interface once I starting getting more equipment.  A new keyboard will probably be next, followed by a drum brain (DM5 or IO Trigger) and some mics.

Any tips?


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You should consider Logic if you are going Mac. That's not to say that Cubase sucks
by any means(I'm only familiar with SX3 on PC) I think you may find Logic better suited
and optimized for the machine you're going to buy.  Not to mention for the price you
pay you get a ton of stuff bundled with it.

You could always try Logic Express 8 and upgrade to Pro and LE 8 has about 90%
of the functionality. Either way which ever app you go with I think going to a Mac
is a wise choice. well at least it was for me anyway ;)


Quote from: "EVP"You should consider Logic if you are going Mac.

That might be a good place to start off with.  Thanks.