Author Topic: CRS : Giltrap & Wakeman plus The Fry Brothers  (Read 1257 times)

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CRS : Giltrap & Wakeman plus The Fry Brothers
« on: October 14, 2012, 09:06:52 AM »
Saturday October 13th - The Wesley Centre, Maltby.
What a marvellous, if slightly odd, experience that was.
The "marvellous" was every single thing that happened on that stage - all four artistes were inspiring with their talent and utterly entertaining with their joy of performance and the inter-piece banter was top-notch too with much laughter throughout.
The "slightly odd" was down to a number of small factors that were out of character with a "traditional" CRS gig...
Doors opened early...5 or 6 minutes...but still...
Seated gig...with tables too...
Only very, very slight talking in the audience at one or two points...
We were stunned, right at the end, when Lambsie declared the winning raffle numbers....this was the first and only clue we had that there was a raffle at all that night...
But, besides all the weirdness, this was an excellent evening of fine music brilliantly played by four extremely likeable and talented guys. It won't win gig of the year...but it should win something...
There will be some video of the Fry Brothers, I grabbed some bits of Gordon and Oliver ("ManTrap"?) too but I'm not sure about the postability of their stuff...copyright and so on.
Full marks everyone, a great night.
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