Frost* live downloads and gluten free biscuits

Started by AliensAteMyBass, November 01, 2012, 10:38:27 AM

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Just joined and Immediately, I have a problem. I have a gluten intolerance and cannot eat biscuits, am I still welcome as a Frostie?
Gluten free biscuits are very rarely any good, so I would have to plump for a GF chocolate brownie as my favourite. Is this enough to appease the gods of prog biscuitness and grant me continued access to this forum?
On all things downloaded. I saw Robert Plant a while back at the Forum and the gig was available from the next day (ish), for around $10 (from what I remember).
Any chance of that being an option for the upcoming Scala gig? If not, and more importantly, will there be a gluten free, frost shaped, xmas cookie on the bar with my name on it? If this is not possible, fear not, I would never accuse you guys of being biscuitist.
Roll on 16/12, my ears shall be blessed with an early xmas present, from me to me...via you!
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Dear sir, you win the award for best forum name. :D

And welcome. There are other delicious little thingies besides biscuits. Extra sugar in your tea perhaps? ;)

See you at the gig.


Welcome, Shirley a biscuit is a biscuit however bad.

I think you should have a note from your doctor ;) just to play safe
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Welcome aboard. :D
It's odd, there's a gluten-intolerant guy in our office (15 of us) so whenever anyone returns from holiday or has a birthday, they tend to bring in a couple of sweet things, one "normal" and one gluten-free.
The gluten-free ones ALWAYS go first, sometimes the gluten-intolerant chap has to be on his toes to get any. :)
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I skip a lot of stuff, so  bananas are my global "biscuit" default!  How cool is that!   :lol:  They even have their own tamper evident packaging...
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