Studio design is easy!

Started by AlexanderBrandon, November 05, 2012, 04:01:11 AM

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Greetings to Frost* and Jem,

Having been bitten by the Frost bug I'm going to issue a thanks for making Milliontown and Experiments In Mass Appeal the only damned music I have running for the last two weeks. It's infiltrated my own space as well as my three sons, so I'm very much obliged for that.

Next, I'm going to apologize for any extreme influence (short of plagiarism) on my next album as well as my video updates, which aren't nearly as witty.

Finally, I'm looking at budgeting out a studio space in my backyard much like Jem has done. I'm in Texas but I'm curious about what you do for air conditioning and heating. There appear to be all sorts of options and since fabaloom... babazoom seemed to do the trick, am I just not pronouncing them right when I try to make my shed appear? ;)

Thanks for any tips and thanks again for the great music. It's disgusting you haven't broken out into a bit more popularity yet.



Welcome!  what's your favorite cookie?  (they're called biscuits round here...)



God Bless Prog And All Who Sail In Her


Thanks much redevan101!

And much obliged for the welcome Roger. My favorite biscuit would have to be Lacey's // Utterly evil, those.