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Frost*vent calendar!

Started by Trapezium Artist, December 01, 2012, 11:25:13 AM

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Trapezium Artist

On the front page, as you've no doubt all seen ...

Ah, 25 days of festive pleasure ahead, interspersed with one very special night on the 16th ...  ;)


It's a work of genius and the architect should be congratulated!
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It's good.

It's very good.

It's very, very good!  :D
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I was only thinking about that this morning.
Never thought to look ont web.

I used to have a signature


The design is just gorgeous. And the content... oh, so Frost*ie. Love it.  :D
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Ooooh! Me likey Advent calendar thingies :D


Much, much fun!!  Thanks to all involved!!


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Quote from: "ich_bin_besser"Wait, there's a front page?
Yup, been there for ages. Just click somewhere in the Frost/audio wave picture at the top of the page :)


after 11 months of sadness & despair, the 12th seems to be the greatest on this year! The Frost*vent Calendar & a live show, as George said, "What else ?" Thank you so much Jem & Frost* nebula! I'm like the old chap from "The man with the 4.7", you get me real hope and make me happy each time I listen to you. :D


It's a marvelous thing indeed, although it was a bit cramped behind that door. I was ordered in there at the end of October.  8-)


Great, can't watch December 1st here in Germany due to some coypright restrictions...  :(
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Sorry about that. I wasn't expecting that to happen. Hmm...thinking cap on...
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Aaah never has a Christmas pudding taken on such a poignant and hilarious importance!
Advent calendars have suddenly become very 'look forwardable' to again.
Its a long time between now and the 16th. There had better be Frost shaped cookies at the Frost gig...there had better be Holmes!
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