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Started by PhilHarmonic, July 18, 2013, 10:57:05 PM

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Having heard all the good things about the new Shineback album (see two posts below), I just wondered if there was going to be any 'on site' support for Simon at The Peel on 24th August?  He/Shineback are appearing there along with Haze, Primitive Instinct and Mr So & So.  Door open at 3.30pm so it's going to be a looooooong day!!!  But brilliant at the same time......
I have found out that it's an event put on by Cyclops Records as a 'thank you' for the bands/artistes that they have helped promote over the past years.  As such, I believe it will be a cracking event and looking forward to hearing the new Shineback material as well as tracks from Mr So & So's new CD 'Truth, Lies and Half Lies'.  And Haze and Primitive Instinct are available to listen to via the interwebbything (in case you were not familiar) - they cover all the Prog spots between them.
Nonetheless, I can report that Mr So & So's album really is a cracking good listen and I would recommend it to all concerned.  Just a fan - as we all are of good music - so no other agenda here!!  See you there - or be a rectangular object that won't fit in the circular thingy!
Tickets at £15.00 via The Merch Desk as I finally discovered - you'd think that this gig was organised by MI5 in how difficult it is to find!!!
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Cheers for that.
I have the Shineback and MRSo&So albums and I agree that they are both topper.
I won't be able to get to the gig but it should be a cracker.
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