Russian fusion

Started by Rook, July 23, 2013, 05:03:46 AM

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A while back, maybe a year ago... The boss put a YouTube link of a scary technical fusion band up in the blog. Due to his blog hopping, I can't find the link. I seem to remember they were Russian, but plugging in variations of this into the YouTube search didn't cough up the vid I remember. Anyone else remember any details?



In fact I do, I started listening to these chaps. And if I'm correct it was this song.


High five! That was indeed the one, and in record time too.

Someone on the Fractal Audio forum posted this:

... And it reminded me of the above video. As well it should; the guitarist at least is the same, and I think the bass player too.

Espen, you da man. :)


High five!  ;D

Damn, that's awesome! Players from another planet.