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Started by Mouse, December 02, 2012, 08:36:49 PM

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I suppose it's about time I plagued you lot with this.  ;)  The older Godfrey being has a solo project on the go. It is called Shineback, the album is called Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed and it's on course to be released at some point in the first half of next year. Artwork will be provided by that talented bugger Vitamin P. It's rather different from what Simon has done as part of Tinyfish, focusing a lot more on electronic sounds and composition. There are a few special guests involved: Matt Stevens, Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus), Henry Rogers (DeeExpus / Touchstone / Final Conflict / Nerve Toy Trio), Dec Burke and Hywel Bennet (The Dec Burke Band).

There are a few tasters and sneak peaks out there to whet the appetite. Here's what Simon's chucked up onto Soundcloud so far:

Shineback Album Audio Teaser - This runs through much of the album and gives a good idea of what to expect without giving too much away about what happens when. There have been quite a few changes made since this was stuck together, so it shouldn't spoil the first listen when the album is released.

Here Come The Envoys (Intro) - This is a rough mix of the intro to a song called Here Come The Envoys that Simon posted about a few pages back.

The Envoy - The Envoy was used as the Celebr8 theme, but I believe it was a leftover piece from Shineback, so it's rather similar to some elements of the album.

Little Keys - Little Keys won't be on the main album, but it will be featured somewhere as a bonus track. Personally, it's one of my favourites from the Shineback canon and I think of it much more than a mere extra.

Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed (Clip) - This is a short snippet of the album's title track to give a little taste of Henry Rogers' drumming contribution.

They are the four uploads that are most apparent to me as being directly relevant to RUF,RD, but there are a few other tracks on Simon's Soundcloud page here which may be of interest.

Over on YouTube, there are three related videos:

1. A teaser trailer for the album, featuring the more ambient element of some of the music.

2. The Memory House 1 video blog.

3. The Memory House 2 video blog. This features the multi-vocal part Roger speaks of.

Finally, there is another full demo track available for listening as part of an episode of The European Perspective which was co-coordinated by our very own James 'LivingForever' Hendry and that can be found here. The track can be found towards the end of the show, although the whole thing is really worth a listen as it's an electro special looking at the more progressive side of that style.

...So yeah, there you go.  :)


Really looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing it here.
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Quote from: "Pedro"Thanks for sharing it here.

About bloody time!  :lol:  I will endeavour to post updates as and when I can... or am allowed to. I can definitely tell you one thing - the people who think prog should all sound like 1970s Yes and be about hobbits are going to hate it.  :D


Quote from: "Mouse"
Quote from: "Pedro"Thanks for sharing it here.
I can definitely tell you one thing - the people who think prog should all sound like 1970s Yes and be about hobbits are going to hate it.  :D

That would be a big tick in my book.
Not that there's anything at all wrong with 70's prog, I love loads of it (But not Yes) but if I want to listen to 70's prog I'll go for real 70's prog rather than listen to an obviously talented band regurgitating the 70's to order.


New track alert! I Called Him In Vain

QuoteAnother rough mix of a track from the forthcoming Shineback album - Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed. This track features the marvellous talents of dance songwriter and vocalist Danny Claire.

This one is from the rather more relaxed and dare I say quiet side of the Shineback album.


I just went to listen to the TEP episode and i'm getting file not found :(

Is JamesH the guy to speak to? If so I shall tweet him some friendly abuse.

Edit: Also, I too am excited about Shineback. Sounds like it may appeal to my Frost*ie tendencies.
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amazingwilf is the Frost*ie banner of the guy behind TEP
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Ta Pedders, Wilf notified.
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For those interested, this is fixed now :)
"The longer the note, the more dread."


Hi, all! Been a while. Hope everything's tickety-boo in the Frost*iverse.  :)

I just popped in to say that the album's finished and is ready to be sent off for mastering. Expect a pre-order and other interesting bits and bobs as soon as the Bad Elephant Music label figure them out.

There is also a Facebook page here which has already sunk into anarchy of wonderful sorts. Hope that link works so you can all come and like it... both genuinely and otherwise!  ;)  There's also a teaser video here featuring some sound snippets (and some ginger bearded goon) and an artwork preview here.

Tally-ho!  :D


Just discovered this thread and band. Very keen for this release! :D


Quote from: "FreeThoughtTH"Just discovered this thread and band. Very keen for this release! :D
Glad you discovered it.

I must have missed it somehow :oops:
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And now for the press release that everyone's surely seen by now:

Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed will be released by Bad Elephant Music on 1st July 2013.

Fusing pop, prog and electronica into a story of abuse, betrayal and madness, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed is the new album from Shineback, solo project from Simon Godfrey of Tinyfish. The album - with lyrics from Simon's writing partner in Tinyfish, Robert Ramsay - centres upon the story of Dora who undertakes a fantastic, yet disturbing journey into her own dream word where she encounters dark revelations about her past buried in memory.

To aid Simon in this venture, artists such as Matt Stevens (Fierce And The Dead), Dec Burke (Frost*, Alpha Flood, Darwin's Radio, Dec Burke Band), Henry Rogers (Touchstone, DeeExpus, Final Conflict), Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus), Hywel Bennett (Dec Burke Band) Paul Worwood (Tinyfish) and Danny Claire (Ion Blue, Michael Angelo) have contributed their time and talents to make this a truly genre crossing record.

We are taking pre-orders for the album - and for limited edition Shineback T-shirts - at The Merch Desk from 1st April. If you pre-order before 15th June then you will receive, by email, a code to download an exclusive bonus track from the album sessions, I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days. This track will only be made available to those who pre-order the album. Furthermore, pre-orders for CD and T-shirt bundles will be at a special price, again, only available if you order before 15th June.

A download-only 'single' from the album will be released on 3rd June together with a 'B-side' that isn't on the CD.

Groovy.  :mrgreen: