Started by JimD, January 01, 2013, 05:44:11 PM

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I had some new music by me released last month - a split EP from my minimal electronica project Konstanzegraff and Portland's Empty Vessel Music.  

The EP is the final part of a series called "Cinque Pezzi Facili" and is released by Under My Bed Recordings who hail from Milan, Italy.  Ours is part 5 and has its own page here.

I made a video for one of the Konstanzegraff songs here - it's a day in the life of a lazy cat...

Being minimal electronica on one hand and solo female voice and acoustic guitar I wouldn't think the EP is particularly of interest to the average Frost*ie (although I know our tastes can be very esoteric), but I did get interviewed on Bradford Community Broadcasting last month on the Buffet show, talking about Konstanzegraff and the EP. I got to choose a track for the review of the year section so I played Cartoon Graveyard by It Bites and warbled on about the Frost*Bites show for a bit  :D

Listening back now I sound very rambly but that's being on the radio for you I guess...

Should you wish to hear that particular Buffet show you can check out their blog here and there should be a link to the podcast of the show (it went out on the 27th December LAST YEAR ;) ).  Of course if you are in Bradford you can hear them once a month on Saturdays at 5pm on 106.6 FM (next show 26th January I think).
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