The horrible tedium of naming a band...

Started by RobRideout, January 03, 2013, 11:35:13 PM

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I've had to give it some serious thought, and it's really hard.

I have however, come up with some ideas of what to look for.

1. I want it to be something that will lead straight to the band page if you google it, and we'll be the first result, so maybe a made up word? But then you have the problem of autocorrect, so it can't be too similar to an existing word.

2. I want it to begin with an A or a number, so it's always at the top of iTunes when someone logs in.

3. It must be easy to spell (no stupid spelling changes like swapping an I for a Y, it's not the 80's anymore)

4. you should be able to spell it just from hearing it.

5. Absolutely no 'the something's and no 'adjective noun' ones.

At the moment, I' have a few ideas with my drummer. I will post more if I think of any more...

A Thousand Times Before
10000 Clocks
Flying Machine

It seems really lame to lay them all out like this. I think all band names seem lame until you just pick one and stick to it...

Trapezium Artist

Since it fits several of your criteria, you're welcome to the band name my flatmates and I came up with back in the mid-1980's when someone lent us a multi-track deck and we mucked around with guitar, empty pots, and (my) falsetto backing harmonies.


As in Ababa.

As also in bins and other household cleaning goods: //

Yes, it was / is completely rubbish ( :lol: )





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Quote from: "RobRideout"Hahaa, do you have any demos? Please do.

Oh god, I certainly hope not.

Given our extremely disparate musical tastes involved (mine being the only good one, natch  8-) ), I can't imagine that we ever came up with anything worthwhile. That said, I do recall that at least two of my mates who could at least pluck the strings of things did end up playing a gig at one of the student union bars at some point ...  

As for names, I agree that it's a horribly pitfall prone area: many names are already taken and many instantly conjure up connotations that may not be in keeping with the actual music at hand. For example, "Aegir" is one of the moons of Saturn with a Norse name, thus instantly suggesting some kind of doom metal.

With that in mind, I can suggest:

Avoiding All Cliches

Much lower down the alphabet, how about "Suncave", as in "Suncave Parry arc", a rare but beautiful ice crystal halo? Bugger: that's taken already, and by a progressive band who even have a (truly horrible) song called "Black Light"  :shock:



You could just take inspiration from Lyn's sig...
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I love suncave, but since it's taken, I've gone with Flying Machine. I really did like the idea of having a science-y name for a while, but I think it could have come off as pretentious. Suncave is good because it's just as accessible if you don't know it. I like the phrase crystal halo though. Might steal that for a song or something.

Yes, I've flaunted all my rules. Ah well.


So we had 1 hour and 50 minutes to attempt to follow rules that weren't the rules?
I'm obviously too slow for this game!  :P
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Harpoon Your Boyfriend.
And lots of other good band names in this one:

Seriously though, i'm in the exact same situation. It's not a proper band, it's only me. But I'm inviting some people for the record, and maybe it will become a band some day. Anyway, band or project, it needs a name.
I was going with Nova Prospekt for a while, since it's from Half-Life and sounded cool, but someone had already taken it. Damn.

Soon we have to invent our own words to make band names, everything is taken. "Schlompf" or "Zngi'pfaaaarg Adjevebredgni" maybe.

Flying Machine is cool. Catchy and familiar sounding. :)


Quote from: "RobRideout"I really did like the idea of having a science-y name for a while, but I think it could have come off as pretentious.

So calling myself Argon DiBromide may not have been such a good idea!  :lol:  :lol:

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Quote from: "Pedro"I'm obviously too slow for this game!  :P

Me too, I'd just got to Aaaaaaaaaaaardvark
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