Modular awesomeness

Started by E.S., March 08, 2013, 09:01:34 PM

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Oooohhhhhhh lots of flashing lights, but is anything actually being played?
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Fat Bastard

Ah, dear Bernie's system - He's downsized a lot recently  :'(

But none the less, may I present one other wall of my den:

And there's one other wall too. . . .


Fat Bastard

Part of my little home set up  - got to try and get JG to come and twiddle. . . going to patch up the biggest monster synth lead sound ever made.. starting with 76 modular VCOs...


Little? That's just mean  :(
And I was planning my first little eurorack box... now I feel like less of a man.
Oh hey, I got the Andromeda, so no. :D

Seriously though, that looks massive.


What happens if you plug in.... No, shouldn't ask


Something related to the collapse of the National Grid I suspect... :D


I have rather longed after a modular for ages.

My head says, Eurorack, 'cause it will fit in the new studio without really taking over a wall

But my heart says Moog-size.

Of course Mrs One will have to sign it off, and moving house is I suspect going to suck up any potential modular synth budget for the foreseeable. :(


Just think of it as a long term investment for a bigger wall to lean your monster up against


Dotcom is sexy. Not Kim, but the synths.
And when you think of it, not too damn expensive either. Those beautiful cases will set you back though. As will the monster cases you get from Doepfer.

Speaking of modular synths, there is a documentary coming out soon to those who pre-ordered (sorry, one time only for the hardcore edition) called "I Dream Of Wires", and the full length one is a four hour documentary with interviews, history and general geekery around these weird bleep-machines. Lots of famous and less famous synthesis folks involved in it.

Needless to say it's on its way to my mailbox. :D

The tiny normal version should be out this fall, I believe. Here's a 12 minute trailer for those who like such things.


aaugh!  more ways to feel inadequate!