Korg MS 20 mini

Started by E.S., March 20, 2013, 02:02:24 PM

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Not enough geeky gear talk here. 8-)

So yes.. anyone interested in synths must have heard about this by now. If not, the MS 20 is a legendary piece of glorious mono synth from the mid 70's (something like that). Famous for its badass dual filters and modular-like structure with patch cables and everything. In short, a lovely vintage thing capable of some amazing sounds.

And now they have built a new one identical to the original, only slightly smaller. No improvements whatsoever, apart from the obvious MIDI and USB. And it's very affordable. :)

Who's getting one?



Me too! We wants it, precioussss!  :D


The omly thing I cant understand - what with Korg already having done the miniature MS20 controller thing for the Legacy Collection - is why they didnt give this a full size keyboard, even if it made it a little more expensive...
...other than that, I think it's really neat  :)


So... no spring delivery, obviously. I'm apparently one of the top people on the waiting list (because I'm awesome  8) ), but nobody knows when they arrive. Korg got a LOT more orders than they expected. Even they don't have any useful information yet. Nobody knew in April and nobody knows now in July.

Ship it ship it ship it ship it ship it ship it ship it!  :-\


I've just ordered one off Amazon and it says it's in stock so should be getting it for Christmas. Good times. I can't wait to get my hands on it and spend a few intimate hours with it. I got a really great deal with a little help from this place. Great way to save a little of that hard earned cash. So, now it's just a matter of waiting until it's delivered and I can begin making some glorious noise.


just to whet your appetite