Celebr8.2 will be Frost*s ONLY gig of 2013, Jem has announ

Started by Bert, April 04, 2013, 11:31:40 PM

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C8.2 will be Frost*s ONLY gig of 2013. So if you wanna hear exclusive new stuff and the classics like The Dividing Line, Black Light Machine and Milliontown in 2013 then Celebr8.2 will be the ONLY place to catch them live this year.

Weekend and Day Tickets (£70/£45) from The Merch Desk //http://tiny.cc/celebr8tix


The brainchild of top pop producer and Ivor Novello award winner, Jem Godfrey, Frost* are one of the worlds premier Prog outfits. Staggering musicianship from Godfrey and his cohorts John Mitchell, Craig Blundell and Nathan King coupled with outstanding songs make any appearance by Frost* a must-see event, and with their back history with the House Of Progression, Celebr8.2 is undoubtedly their spiritual home.

From the brilliant Milliontown (almost singly responsible for kick starting the resurgence of prog in the UK) to the amazing The Dividing Line via the dense Experiments In Mass Appeal, Frost* and Godfrey have been responsible for at least 3 (and counting) "New-Prog" classics that will be spoken of in hushed awe for years to come.

Now in the studio crafting their most ambitious project yet, expect plenty of musical fireworks (and a few jokes) from Frost* who are special guests at Celebr8.2 on Saturday.
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I thought Jem said he wasn't playing Milliontown after Frost*Bites? Or have I missed something?