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Pro Tools 11

Started by Rook, April 08, 2013, 07:47:07 AM

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Did a quick scan of the forum and didn't see any mention of this...

Pro tools 11 is out (soon?) and the teaser on the avid website seems to have Jem acting mighty impressed. "At last... where's my check book... sold!"


Those 4 pointers down the bottom seem very promising. I'll be very interested to see how they're going to slim it down to improve performance without having to upgrade your hardware. It's strange because that's all looking really good. AVID NOT ruining a piece of software, what is this?


Seeing Jem's reaction just warmed my heart  :)

I knew you were holding out on us Jem ;)

Anything you wanna tell us sir?


They're saying it'll be available May 28th. Which is fine by me as I need time to save for a new Mac.
The reality has finally sunk in that my black Macbook will be 7 years old this June  :shock:
with only 2 gig RAM and unsupported for 10.8.X. Pro Tools 11 farts in my general direction.

I'm excited though!!! It appears everything I've wanted and more is finally here. I've always used Logic
for my song writing and pre-production but I can see myself doing more projects start to finish in Pro Tools 11
in the future. I'll wait to see what Logic X will offer on that end.

For now a few plugins and Vi's still have to be ported to AAX - Waves SSL, Omnisphere, EZ Drummer
so I'm not too bothered by having to wait anyway.


Once again, nobody does a more over the top cinematic presentation of something that will change history and life as we know it, which is.....

a new version.



He's far too busy to respond any of this but it is interesting indeed.
I guess Avid asked artists to video their reactions to watching (or at least pretending to watch) a trailer that we haven't seen yet.
I'd love to know exactly what it is about version 11 that might solicit such a response.
I might be wrong, but I think Jem is still using something like version 8, presumably because of a low opinion of versions 9 (did that even happen?) and 10 (didn't Jem try that and have to revert?)...or just the inertia of sticking with a stable reliable version as opposed to the upheaval of "keeping up" just for the sake of it.
In fact, his "at last" might contain a small amount of irony that is perhaps undetectable in some parts of the world, along the lines of "finally! an upgrade worth bothering with"...which doesn't have quite the same "OMG" spin as the other soundbites.

...but let's not over-analyse... ;)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


A bit of both I can imagine. :)

I'm in no way anti Apple or Avid, btw... but it's not the first time they have implemented a LONG overdue function and then marketed that as a revolution and making it sound like they invented it. It's like in PT10 when they introduced clip gain, something I've had for many many years. I hope I'm misunderstanding this, but... seriously, there hasn't been offline export before? Even in Pro Tools? That is shocking to say the least.

Another reason not to upgrade is the decision to make a totally new format for plug-ins, which I assume in Jem's case means thousands of plug-ins worth thousands of pounds are useless. Although you can probably upgrade for a "small" fee, that can't be anything you want to spend on something you already own, plus it's a huge pain for the manufacturers, having to spend lots of time and money to port a ton of software to a new closed standard.
So you have than on top of the classic Apple "buy our latest or nothing will work" system, and it's not always happy times in the studio. When you use lots of plug-ins that aren't supported anymore, that's a good reason not to upgrade to a system that renders it all obsolete.

Oh, and installing a totally fresh system, one plug-in at a time.. there's at least one full work day out the window.


Quote from: E.S. on April 09, 2013, 03:30:38 PM
So you have than on top of the classic Apple "buy our latest or nothing will work" system, and it's not always happy times in the studio.
Pffffft. I've been running Logic Studio on 10.6 and 10.7 for ages just fine. My Mac Pro can't run 10.8. It's from 2006...