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Started by Brom, April 19, 2013, 08:04:54 AM

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Can't believe there isn't a thread going on as this is only a couple of weeks away, or, as usual, am I missing something.

I'm planning to go on Sat but have not yet decided on transport. So, options...

1: Train it, which means I will probably miss the end of Threshold - but not worry about having a small tincture or two, or

2: Drive, which obviously means I can leave when I like, and have a wait free direct route back to Middle England-ish without having to cope with late night transport in the Capital.

I'm guessing the ale in the Hippy place will be of the fizzy variety - which makes 2 the most likely option.

I guess I'll need a ticket as well.......  :-[  EDIT - Now have a ticket!!  :D ;D

Who else is going?

I am out of the office. Messages can be left with Mr. C Lyons on 020 7722 3333


I'll be there for the weekend arriving Saturday morning returning home on Monday morning


Not coming, because I have a gig myself.  >:(


not coming because I'm going to watch Wigan win ( ;D) the cup final with my 13 yr old (who hates my taste in music). That'll probably get me banned from this forum!


Do you remember owen, he used to be alright...  ;)

Only kidding. Spending quality time with family is nice too.
Enjoy it, hope they win. I had no idea Wigan even had a tiddlywinks team.
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I shall be there, especially for Arena and Mystery, plus someone else.
Damn this forgetfulness   :'(
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Is there anyone else?

Nah... never heard anything about that.


I'll be there for the Saturday.  8)
Come on, you\'re a lion!


Not going.....very skint.


That's a real shame...but there's a lot of it about. :(
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I also shall probably not be there as I'm not sure I'll have the spare cash at the right time. The ticket price, lets be honest, is very reasonable (that is to say that it is an absolute bargain, particularly if you're a big fan of more than one band) but once you factor in getting there from the west midlands, plus accommodation etc it starts to get expensive.

having said that I'm still a little bit undecided
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No currently going, but I am working on a plan.
It may involve smoke & the cloaking device is on the blink
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What we need is a montage!
"The longer the note, the more dread."


not to make your decision harder Brom - but they did have brown beer.  It sold out quick but they got more in, this year they will know better.


but if it helps with your decision, it was club prices - not at The Peel with their nice prices anymore