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Started by BrizzleRocker, April 29, 2013, 01:56:19 PM

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... what?

I have a Phase 90 and apart from putting it on the lowest setting for a gentle sweep during solos I've never done much else with it. Before I replace it with my new MXR Micro Flanger or Boss AW-3 Auto-wah post your favourite settings and musical examples here & persuade me to keep it!

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Don't let go of it!  I don't have a Phase 90 but I do have the Danelectro Pepperoni which many say is very close electrically.  I personally can't be bothered with any of that kinda fx cork-sniffing, but it sounds good to me and I do like a 9 o'clock setting on a nice bit of arpeggioed electric guitar.  It also sounds completely INSANE if you stick a bass with distortion in front of it (something akin to 6:58 in Tubular Bells, though not quite).

If I had two, I'd be sticking them after a full on synth string patch set just slightly off from each other for swirly mountains of madness...

As for musical examples, it's all over "Gaslight Fades" by, erm, my band, Small Machine  ;).  I play the bass, but the phase is on the opening arpeggio, lots of the backing fuzzy guitar (rather than the cleaner stuff) and I'm pretty sure the solos too.

Our song "Collapse" also has a bit o'phase on it - again, all the guitar that isn't super-clean, like the tremeloey "atmosphericy" sounds and so on, are all guitar with phase 90 and other effects on.

I'm sure it would play nicely with the Micro flanger and AW-3 so I'd hang onto it.  You'd get a nice price I am sure but then you'd have to spend the same getting it back when you missed it  :D

I just got a Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe by the way which is a bit like a phase and a bit like a wah and a bit like neither.  I hope to post a video of me giving it a good going over soon.
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