A New Frost* Report for Celebr8?

Started by FreeThoughtTH, May 12, 2013, 08:19:39 AM

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Evening everyone,

I'm assuming the gig at Celebr8.2 went splendidly. However, there are some poor souls out there, such as myself, who live in distant lands like Australia and can't make it to such events. Will we all be seeing a new Frost* report in the near future with your usual hilarious backstage/tour antics? Pretty please? :D


G'day! (not sure about the spelling there) ;)
I have no idea what Jem has been doing in the direction of Frost* reports lately.
I'd share your hope that there might be some but I'd also understand if there wasn't much/any. Something tells me that the run-up to this performance hasn't been as much fun as previous ones have been.
I would personally suspect that the decision to go ahead with the show, rather than pull out (which is probably what *any* other band would have done automatically in the same circumstances) can't have been an easy one and the pressure associated with that (plus the impact of hand-malfunction on day job and being a Dad to four young children) probably didn't make Jem think "Ooh, where's my camcorder?".
I'm pretty sure there will be some gig footage on YouTube at some point, but I would be surprised if there was a Frost* report about this particular gig....very happily surprised, of course, but I for one am not holding my breath. :)
Just my impression of the situation.
Strong hope remains for other Frost* reports though.
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