Celebr8.2 Frost* photos

Started by D S, May 12, 2013, 05:39:54 PM

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Well, that was fun!  Back home after a quick trip to Surrey to attend 1 day of Celebr8.2.  As Jem himself said, maybe not the most polished Frost* gig ever but the fact that it went ahead at all when Jem was down to his left hand only was amazing.

Actually, that's not quite true.  He did use a few right hand fingers for Saline and his nose on BLM!  Obviously some alterations had to be made, such as JM doing a frenetic guitar solo in Dear Dead Days instead of the keyboard solo (whilst Jem just read a book on gardening).

In BLM, chords were just played instead of the solo.  Lantern was played to a sequencer track and Snowman was the PG Esoteric version (which was great to hear).  But having to reprogram everything and learn the right-hand parts using a left hand in such a short space of time is nothing short of jaw-dropping.  The crowd were really supportive as a result and any minor mishaps really didn't matter (like when the sampler didn't fire off properly in a new track and only the click was audible, there were shouts of "You got away with that - I don't think anyone noticed"!).
It was a very good humoured gig, with JM looking genuinely gobsmacked when Jem revealed his "John!" t-shirt during the intros.  It's not the best quality photo but this is one of my favourites - look at Nathan's face compared to his normal cool demeanour!

And of course, the Big Banana landed - more on another thread about that.
Great to meet up with lots of Frost*ies again - shame it'll be next year before the next chance.
Another couple of photos to finish.

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These are great - thanks for sharing :)
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Some cracking photos! Looks like a brilliant night, shame I couldn't have shared the excitement (my car decided to have a paddy enroute) but still I still support the band 100 percent in spirit! :)


I'm loving the jacket that John is wearing. Very nice indeed  :P
Bring on the Trumpets!


Quote from: BrendanGee on May 13, 2013, 10:46:59 PM
I'm loving the jacket that John is wearing. Very nice indeed  :P

Me too! S'luvverrrly...
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Mikey said my 1K should be a cracker... , so how a bout a really scary one of JM! (Already posted on FB, but needs to be here as well I think.  :o
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