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Midi thru' madness

Started by JimD, July 19, 2013, 02:07:04 PM

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Dusted off my Philip Rees midi thru box (V3) today.  Battery still works fine.  Last used...2001?  Insane!
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The what? Midi patchbay like thingy?


Tiny little thing, 1 MIDI in, 3 MIDI thru, good for patching all yr sound modules to one sequencer (which I was doing, running Trackman on an ST emulator on my Pentium II, with an ISA and a PCI soundcard!!).

See here, mine is the first one, the V3 -  It's how I used to do stuff back in ye olde days - :)
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That box looks quite nifty.  Unfortunately, it also looks like Philip Rees is "no longer trading."  I have a similar device from Midi Solutions that is powered via the MIDI cable.


Hey! I've got one of those lurking in my MIDI trinkets box (along with a MIDI solutions MIDI Merge, and plans for my ill fated home built MIDI patch changer*) Ah yes, the days when I patched together my Yamaha clavinova, Yamaha TG01 and Casio VZ1 - Oh what a swanky live rig I thought I had! 8)

*Actually now, in the days of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, I suspect my gadget would be relatively easy now to implement - I wanted a thingy that stored the set list by name and at the touch of a button/footpedal burst out a series of patch and bank change messages to multiple keyboards.  It's just that now, my Fantom G can do just that