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Started by sawtooth, September 25, 2013, 01:20:16 PM

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I'm very pleased to report that after putting some keyboards on new material for Red Bazar, an instrumental prog band from Nottingham, they have asked me to join their ranks for some live work. The bass player also plays with Coral Spin so you may have seen him around and about, the guitarist and drummer are great musicians too. God only knows why they wanted me....

You can listen to some samples from their previous albums at

We're very lucky to have landed the support slot for Alan Reed Band at the (CRS) Wesley Centre, Maltby 30th November, so I've got my work cut out learning the keys in time.

I realise instrumental prog may not be everyones cup of tea, but hope some of you can come and see us.
After all, not only do you get to see me make a godawful cock-up of the keyboards, you also get to see the mighty Alan Reed Band. What's not to like! :)



So....after a lot of rehearsing, note mangling and hair-pulling-outage, my new band Red Bazar have deemed my keyboard playing 'not TOO embarrassing' and are about to drag me kicking and screaming on a whistle stop November tour of the Nottingham / South Yorkshire prog emporia.
And it all starts this Sunday 10th November at the Golden Diamond Club in Sutton in Ashfield. We are supporting StillMarillion, a rather good tribute to Fish-era Marillion by all accounts.

So if you find yourself in North Nottinghamshire this Sunday evening, and crave some silly time signatures, gratuitous solos and a smattering of Mellotron* then we'd be ever so pleased to see a Frost*ie or two in the audience.

Additional dates:
Monday 25th November at The Maze, Nottingham
Saturday 30th November at the Classic Rock Society Wesley Centre supporting the Alan Reed Band (I'm really looking forward to this one!)

* Only kidding about the Mellotron, although we MAY contain other prog cliches  ;)


Morning Mr! Just browsing and saw your thread. I can't remember if I asked you or not, but I wondered if there's any videos on youtube as would love to hear you chaps. I'll have a look in the mean time. Any more gigs coming up? Oh, and i'm stil thinking of having a 2 Keyboard player set up should I ever get to play my stuff any where if you might be interested. That said, I don't know what keys rig you're using, but i'm pretty confident it would dwarf my technics KN6000. :) mind you I don't have a melotron either so swings and roundabouts eh? Haha.


Hello chap - welcome to the forum at long last!
Red Bazar have got another gig coming up early April at The Maze in Nottingham, supporting The Tirith - I'll post more details when they are finalised.
Keys wise (although this should really go in the Gear section) my main tool of destruction is a Fantom G6. I originally intended to go minimal - using loads of keysplits and pad triggers as per one of Jems old videos, but I found I neither had the time, patience or imagination to pull it all off on a 5 octave keyboard!.
I also use Mainstage running Omnisphere, Korg, M-Tron, Nostalgia and a bucketload of other softsynths, and these are played from a Roland JV-1000 6 octave synth which makes a neat master keyboard, as well as being a fairly decent synth in it's own right!


Hi folks. I wasn't sure where to put this or whether to creat a new thread, but I'll stick it here for the time being. The lads and I are pleased to present a new Red Bazr video on that there Youtube!
It's a track from our Tales From The Bookcase album from 2015. This live recording is from the TMT set at the amazing Prog Dreams Festival earlier this year. It's taken a while to get it out there, but we hope you likey.


Now, what isn't there to like?
I used to have a signature


Bless you. You say all the right things. :)