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Celebr8.3 2014

Started by Splinky, October 03, 2013, 11:38:26 AM

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Quote from: D S on June 02, 2014, 09:27:55 PM
The first of the videos from last night is now up c/o Fogeyspasm (thank you sir!)
So it officially happened now!  ;)

why are those people clapping on one and three?


any audio/video of the new song?  please?  ;D


I purposely didn't film the new one as I didn't want to spoil anybodys excitement of getting the recorded version. It was a longish track with some mega changes. Maybe 8-10 mins long. John played what looked like a "Vintage V100MRPGM Distressed Lemon Drop Guitar" just on this track which is a change from the Cort Strat type he usually uses.
He announced he was just dropping the tuning as the track uses a big dropped Rawk tuning. Gave us a quick demo of a dropped "Metal" riff which he announced was "free of charge". The track changed halfway through to a huge doomy guitar/keyboard riff. Sounded epic.
I believe Pedro may have filmed it but don't quote me and if he has maybe he will ask Jem first if he is Ok with it going public?
Epic gig.

Did I mention I have Jems Vocoder now. No guarantee with it though, the tight barsteward, although he did box it. Not had time to have a play yet. Been trying to find the Frost* report where he builds up an amusing bit of track with it by adding layers.
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hello!  long time no visit I know.

Just popping by to say Northerners are tight  ;)   :D  I'll slip away again now...


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I was not planning on going to Celebr8.3 as the initial announcements were for Twelfth Night and The Tangent and I am not the biggest fan of those bands.  Part of me wanted to go to support the festival and all of the people involved in running it but that part of me was outweighed by the idea of standing around for a couple of days.

Then Frost* were announced as the Sunday headliner and of course I had to go.  I toyed with the idea of just getting an evening ticket but as Galahad were opening I decided to go for the whole day.

I had seen pics posted on facebook from the Saturday and the venue had seemed packed and there was also queues to get in.  So I left early enough in order to get to the front of the queue.  When I got there I was surprised to see only a short queue (with Mr & Mrs Pedro as usual at the front).

I like Islington Assembly Rooms.  They are easy for me to get to, the stage is high so I can see at a variety of viewpoints, essential for the vertically challenged.  The sound is good and the toilets are great, especially in comparison to The Peel!  I mostly stood on the metal bit by the stage so wasn't too affected by the bouncy floor.

Galahad were amazing.  They are one of my favourite live bands at the moment.  I love to see a band enjoying themselves.  They sounded excellent too.  (And of course I have to mention that I liked Marks boots and trousers)  And then they were finished and after their encore I was just thinking, 'Great, now what do I do for 6 hours?'  I was confused as to why Galahad were first on and not further down the bill.  It was such a long time between Galahad and Frost* that I almost toyed with the idea of going home and coming back again.

I have seen Sanguine Hum before so I knew what to expect.  Beautiful music expertly played but yet something is missing and it probably is just stage presence.  And they did play beautiful music very well.

Cosmograf were my unknown of the day, not sure in retrospect how they have passed me by til now. I recognised everyone on stage and have seen most of them play in other bands.  As I didn't know them, I took a break from the barrier and experienced the bouncy floor.

OMG I loved them and bought one of their albums.

Then it was time to be kicked out and after buying the album went out to see the queue already forming for the second half.  That was a dilemma.  To stand there so I could be in the front for The FaTD and Frost*, or go over to the Vineyard and see Matt & Andy.  I went to the Vineyard and it was great.  They did a very entertaining improv set, even better than last year.  After they had finished the queue wasn't any bigger anyway so I made the right choice.

It was nice to chat to Frost*ies I didn't know whilst we were waiting for The FaTD.  Even if they did moan about the price of drinks in London Smiley I had already seen the ones from the Fishtank but it actually felt quite Frost*ie free.  When I think how packed the Scala was, I can't comprehend the low turnout.  Conversations that I had during the day with non Frost*ies sort of went along the lines of, 'I hope Jem acts sensible and just plays, that silly stuff annoys me, he is such a good keyboard player why doesn't he just play?' So I am wondering whether that has put people off seeing Frost* to a large extent.  I want both.  It isn't Frost* without some silliness.

I wasn't sure how I was going to find The Fierce and the Dead live apart from probably loud.  I like vocals so thought that an instrumental set would be a bit much.  But I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it.  Was loud tho – poor drums!  Leon needs to watch out there is a new drum slayer in town.

And then it was Frost* time.  Nice chap from Wales let me have his place so that I could be at the front.  (Sorry can't remember his name)  They put on a show without ironing boards or speak n spells and I think this went down very well with the aforementioned people who didn't want silliness.  Everything was of course brilliant but I think it was Milliontown that was the best of the night for me.

I can understand why this is the last Celebr8, especially given the attendance on the day I went but it is a real shame, especially with this venue which is so much nicer than the Hippodrome.  Though in the Hippodromes favour there are places to escape and sit down and have a chat.  The Celebr8 festivals certainly ended on a very high note.  Fantastic day


Thanks for sharing that, Ash.
I can't explain any of the puzzles you point out...great music with some laughter mixed in is called "entertainment", can some people really be so far up themselves that they can't "get" that?
Declining turn out does, sadly, reinforce Twang's decision to knock the format on its head, there probably are too many festivals and they can't all have "OMG I have to go" line-ups.

My perception of the crowd was a bit skewed by being at the front for 75% of the event. Crowds often sound bigger than they are from the rail.
Twelfth Night and Anathema probably had the biggest numbers but I can't be sure about that.
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


It was two phenomenal days of real live stuff....
This is my personal veiwpoint
Lots of notes from talented musicians...
In a strange way I missed the sticky carpet and the mirror enabled ladies loo...but wtf I went for the music not the beer or the toilets...
I brought my mates along.
We heard new music from live bands...I thought that was the deal!
I loved the floor, it had attitude - along with the glitter ball!
Frost* set was mega...but so was Twelfth Night. I have waited 30 years to see Twelfth Night live. Found some great new music take-aways in between.
Respect to the organisers and the long hours put in by the door staff.
The whole weekend was a festival. It was more than a gig.
I met a load of people from all over the UK and Europe..made new friends and new music inspiration.
All the bands arsed about in their own sweet way...loved the acoustic vibes
Cheers Celebr8 crew x

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Quote from: Ash on June 03, 2014, 09:27:51 PM
Conversations that I had during the day with non Frost*ies sort of went along the lines of, 'I hope Jem acts sensible and just plays, that silly stuff annoys me, he is such a good keyboard player why doesn't he just play?' So I am wondering whether that has put people off seeing Frost* to a large extent.  I want both.  It isn't Frost* without some silliness.

I guess it's fair enough that people feel that way, but I think a large part of what made Sunday night so massively entertaining was that it was clear that the band were having loads of fun on stage. I think that sort of thing transfers to the audience. It's meant to be a 'show' after all.
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Exactly!  And to me, the fact that they can occasionally clown around on stage in between songs (often being hugely funny) and yet really deliver musicanship of the highest quality the next second during the actual songs means the audience gets the best of both worlds and real entertainment.  I guess Frost*ies get that mix and that's why we enjoy seeing them live and following the Frost* Reports so much. 
If you just want pure musicainship with no humour, go see Dream Theater!  ;)
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Wasn't there on Sunday but have seen them live twice before, and for me Frost* have always had the take-the-music-seriously-but-don't-take-themselves-too-seriously attitude that I, personally, find very welcome.
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 ???I wish it were last week and I could do the whole celebr8.3(.1) again now...
Frost*-Saline "these women are the best in rock" ref: you tube
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I love the 'fun' side of the band - to me it is an intrinsic part of their personalities, individually and collectively, and provides a ying to the yang of the musicianship. It's not only Frost* that do this, only last week I went to see Paul Heaton (formerly of the Beautiful South) and whilst the songs are not as technical, in between the audience we're regaled with some funny stories, and even a defaced Phil Collins album(one of the new songs has a refrain of 'Phil Collins must die', harsh but used as a metaphor for the state of Britain - undermine the old guard etc)

Ultimately the nay-sayers who want the band to 'act more grown up and serious' are to me missing the point, I recall reading an article where Jem said he formed Frost* because he felt prog had disappeared up it's own odd time signature and these people are only adding to that notion.
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I do wonder if some people like prog because it makes them feel intelligent and therefore feel that somehow having fun is beneath them.

I'm probably just being cynical.
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