And the DVD IS HERE!!!

Started by DavSel, December 11, 2013, 12:10:39 PM

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Hold the line...

Keep the faith...

...and other suitable lyrics that fit the "Don't panic!" ethos.
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Breathe... :o

The Rockfield Files stuff is terrific!  I watched it on Christmas Day evening! Then again, again, again, again...
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I still haven't though I've heard it loads on the car cd (which thinks it's called something like Forts Master: I'll check tomorrow)


Watching the DVD now. Awesome doesn't begin to describe it!!

Fantastic seeing the solo on Black Light Machine up close. Guitar and drum playing blew me away! And I know Jem doesn't speak too highly of his voice, but, from where I'm standing, it's pretty faultless :-)


Quote from: TheFlymo on December 22, 2013, 01:03:12 PM
Is it just me or does anyone else feel the boys should be singing "Tie me kangaroo down sport" in the chorus of Heartstrings?

Yeh, it's just me isn't it....

Well it was... *earworm takes residence*...

Meanwhile I love Heartstrings but I do sometimes find myself singing "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear" before normal service is resumed in the following lines. 

I have yet to watch the DVD as in the chaos of Christmas wrapping and tidying-up I have actually lost it.  I hope I haven't inadvertently given it away as a gift.  The CD still sounds so immense! I got some other LPs over Xmas and they're ace but if only any of them had the beautiful mix of The Rockfield Files they'd be even acer!
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Oops. Did I buy the last one?  :o


Quote from: Purple Tentacle on January 10, 2014, 01:59:24 PM
Out of stock...!!

I've just added a few more but they are running REALLY low. I believe they are being re-pressed so more stock will arrive soon.
It's in the post!


Sold out? Congrats to all concerned!


Just been breakfasting with the DVD finally (it wasn't lost, it was in my car, not that I have a DVD player in my car). At Milliontown now, all sounding and seeing marvellous. My niece proclaimed Lord Connaught to be "scary dude" though.
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Quote from: Purple Tentacle on January 10, 2014, 01:59:24 PM
Out of stock...!!


Give me a minute, I'll upload to YouTube for you.



Tweet from @PlanetFrost earlier today:

QuoteThe Rockfield Field Files DVD has sold out but another run is being pressed. It should be in stock within 2 weeks...


Finally finished watching the DVD. Great stuff!
The interview is hilarious!

My only complaint is the packaging. Already falling apart after the first use...   ::)
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Yeah, the card adhesive on mine gave way when I put the disk back in the sleeve the 2nd time, but I'll probably just pritt-stick it, or whatever the equivalent is these days.

My bigger problem is when I'm trying to rip it to MP3 for the car - I use dBpoweramp, as I have for years, but no matter which of three different PCs/optical drives I rip it on, I get an "inaccurate" rating on every single track of the CD. I can't discern any audible issues in the ripped MP3s, but I'm not usually listening *that* closely while driving. I'm more concerned that the CD may acquire errors sooner than expected for optical media.

Anyone else had similar?