"RPM" featuring Jem

Started by E.S., March 15, 2014, 03:41:41 PM

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Thought you fine people would be interested.
I'm also doing the RPM, and I utterly failed. Instead of worrying about deadlines it now gives me time to do it properly, and one very proper thing about it is that it will feature our chief ironing board virtuoso on one of the choons.


Not quite sure yet when it will be done, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be much longer than a month or so. It will be up on Bandcamp as soon as the last note is played.

Massive non-prog warning btw. This is my "screw that prog nonsense" project, what the kids would call EDM. 4/4 beats and analogue synths all the way.  :)


Ooh! Sounds interesting - looking forward to hearing it. Congrats on getting the Boss on board. 8)
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Prog's crap anyway...

No,seriously, that's brill, Espen. Still you appeared on Milliontown 13 so fair do's!


Great news Espen! Look forward to giving this some ear-time  :)


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Nice one.

Who's next, Rordan Judess?
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"Prog's crap anyway"
Quite agree, complete garbage! lol Aye, sounds interesting, i'll look forward to hearing it. I'm definitely going for the RPM next Feb. Can't wait. "Rordan Judess" hmm, I think I prefer a Rike mutherford. It sounds rude.



Can't beat Squiss Chrier, Ander Jonson, Heave Stowe,  Wick Rakeman and Brull Bifford!


Personally, you can't beat John Jowitt! ... hmm, doesn't seem to work for some reason?


I'm looking forward to the new PL by *Tsorf, featuring

Gem Jodfrey
Mohn Jitchell
Blaig Crundell
Kath Ning

and artwork by Pitamin V.

Not sure if we'll see any new Crim Kingson stuff out in the near future, I guess it's all down to Frobert Ripp. Maybe it'll feature Lony Tevin, though let's face it, he's often busy with Geter Pabriel.
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Oh that Lony Tevin is a busy man alright, I mean who hasn't he played with? Fink Ployd, Bruferson/Andford/Howeford/Wake (basically Yes), The Crims as mentioned, Pabriel (for a genesis connection), Tensid Liqution Experiment (Most of Theam Drearter) and even Lon Jennon (along with Yes Alum Whilan Alite). Maybe that last one isn't so Prog, but still pretty noteworthy.

I think my spell checker just had a hernia.


Best not mention Hank Wangford then....................


Yeah yeah.. delays as expected.
I have 3,5 songs totally done, mix and all, the rest are pretty close. Need to arrange a vocal session with a lovely singer, finish writing the bits I don't have yet, tweak synths, get Cap'n Godfrey's bit in there and mix it.
On top of that there's other musical tasks to do, like learning lots and lots of songs for different gigs, plus some key recordings for the proper band, as soon as other members are done with their world tours.. literally.

Some time before summer if I'm optimistic. It'll be done as soon as possible, whenever I have a moment to work on it. :)