Blunders is Pendragon's new drummer!

Started by Pedro, April 22, 2014, 07:11:28 PM

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Crikey, never saw that coming.
I was sad to hear that Scott Higham and the Pendies had gone their separate ways, but this is a very interesting development.
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Link to the news

Pendragon not really a band I know much about other than their name.

Best of luck to Blunders hope all goes well for you


Certainly be an interesting 'marriage' - can't wait to hear what the new material sounds like (although I'm guessing that most of it written already if they're recording this week)
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Lucky for Pendragon, but how does Blunders have time?  That guy is crazy busy!


Interesting... an album I'm looking forward to even more now :)

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And if turns out that with this new gig, Blunders won't have enough time for Frost* (no!), then Jem could do worse than to get this guy on-board. Won't cost much to transport his kit from Australia, at least  8)

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